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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Edropoff review

Anonymous said...
I was dissatisfied with my experience w/ Edropoff because I didn't think she (the owner) sold my items at high enough prices. There are three basic reasons why items do not sell via Edropoff at higher prices.

1. TITLE: The single most important part of selling on ebay (other than pictures) is knowing what words to use in an item's title. There are millions of items on ebay, and so potential buyers are most likely to find an item because of the 8-10 words in the title. Using the right words in the title can literally triple (quadruple, even) your selling price. The wrong words in the title will screw you. will track all of your auctions and tell you what words people are using to get to your listings, and when people are shopping. There are dozens of programs and databases that allow a seller to determine which words work best.

Edropoff uses totally obscure, extremely detailed and item-specific titles (in contrast to most of the high fashion sellers on ebay who know what they're doing). What this means for you is that if Edropoff sells your item, not enough people are going to find it and bid, so your item will not sell for a good price.

2. TIMING: There are also many programs that show a seller when buyers and shopping and buying the most. For example, BCBG pants are most likely to sell on a Friday evening. Thus, in order to get the most amount of hits, a seller should start the auction at the time which will conclude on a Friday evening, preferably in a 10-day action because if a seller is going to start the price low, she needs time and hits to get the price higher. Edropoff doesn't do this. This is a BASIC ebay selling tactic and Edropoff doesn't use it.

3. SHIPPING: In an effort to encourage sellers have reasonable shipping prices, Ebay has started putting an automatic filter on search results. When you type in 'BCBG Pants,' Ebay will automatically display them items starting with the 'best match.' Ebay's 'best match' is programmed to rank items by seller status and shipping cost. Edropoff does have a good seller status so that helps. However, Edropoff uses UPS shipping which is the most expensive possible shipping option. Thus, Edropoff items are very unlikely to earn a high ranking in the 'best match' function (which is automatic). What does this mean for you? Fewer people see your item, fewer bid on it, and your item sells for less.

Edropoff brags that they are a 'Triple Platinum' Ebay seller and they are 100% correct. They are very popular with buyers on Ebay. And do you know why? Because Edropoff items are not well marketed, they don't get nearly enough face time, very few bidders see them and the few bidders who do see them thus win auctions are astronomically low prices. Of course they're popular with the buyers! As a shopper, I LOVE Edropoff.

The article I read about Ms. Mcafadden (in Entrepreneur Magazine) was really impressive. She has become very successful at a young age and frankly I feel badly ragging on her. However, as someone who markets herself as a Ebay guru, her selling prices are astronomically low-- which means she can market herself as hugely popular, but if you're a consignor you'll get really gypped.

I think these things are important to know before consigning your items with Edropoff. And actually, having read this article means you're much more likely to sell your own items with more success than selling them through Edropoff.

I hope this was helpful.
Good luck selling!

May 12, 2010 4:09 PM

1 comment:

  1. These people are real slime balls. Scum of the earth. They are unethical, cunning, arrogant, money hungry, dishonest, unprofessional, AZZHOLES.
    They sell things on EBAY and state the item is in EXCELLENT CONDITION WITH NO SIGN OF PREVIOUS WEAR, yet they put tiny thumbnails of the damaged item, with stains. They expect the consumer to figure out that they have intentionally misrepresented the item. AND, forget about any level of customer service. They are defensive, and arrogant, and they lie. They told me they would cancel my transaction after I looked at the thumbnail photos and discovered the stains, and then I refused to pay them. I have been in touch with them 10 times after they made the promise to cancel the transaction, and still it has not been canceled. BEWARE...this group is on their way down. They cannot handle the growth, and they are coming apart at the seams. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


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