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Friday, February 19, 2010 , canadian pardon service

Anonymous said...

canadian pardon service
In October 2008 I wished to apply for a pardon and I found online. Their so called service cost me over $1000.00. They have a package deal that was supposed to include a U.S. travel waiver. I ended up spending more money getting printed and records checked. I then had to mail all of this to Ottawa for processing. You will quickly notice that you yourself are doing 95% of the work involved and spending even more of your own money. Over a year went by and in December 2008 I phoned their 1-800 number only to be givin a toll line if I wanted to speak with anyone. Now I was getting charged for long distance calls to them. I was then sent to Leone's voice mail. I left a message and asked what was taking so long for this to be finished. The only time I got a response from the countless emails that I sent was to tell me via email that my pardon had been granted back in November 2009 and that the paper work was sent out long ago. At that time Leone stated that another package of final paper work documents would be sent out that day and to expect it in a couple of weeks. Of course again they never sent it out. Finally after getting no response via long distance calls always sent to voice mail and via endless emails, I contacted the Parole board of Canada myself. I then found out my pardon application had actually been approved back in September not November like Canadian pardon service had claimed. They instructed me to write them a letter of request and they would forward my pardon documents. Once again I was on my own to solve this problem without the assistance of Canadian pardon service. On Candian pardon service's front web page the 1-800 number is very large print to make you believe that contacting them would be free. Their website email to customer care actually encourages you to write them saying they "appreciate your feedback". Getting my pardon final documents will be good finally but I am sure they never ever processed any application for a U.S. travel waiver. THIS COMPANY HAS THE POOREST SERVICE OUT THERE!!!!! Since being RIPPED OFF by I have seen other companies online that really do provide expert service and include all the incidentals that I had to pay after the fact. Now I know and now YOU know too so BEWARE!!!

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