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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Big LCD Talking Alarm Clock Easy Comforts

Anonymous said...
Easy Comforts
My 86 year old mother-in-law purchased an alarm clark - The Big LCD Talking Alarm Clock for 19.99. The woman talking and the alarm sounds were so quiet I had to hold it up to my ear to understand what she was saying. My mother-in-law who is hearing impaired (thus she hoped for a loud person talking to help her wake up) couldn't hear it at all. The instructions that came with it were minimal and I was unable to get it to set. It was made out of super cheap plastic. She called them and they said to mail it back and they would credit her card. I called them and told them what I thought of their product (very nicely) and asked them to please wave the return shipping fee or let me toss the thing. They refused. Neither the first person I spoke to or the supervisor had ever seen one of these clocks and just couldn't believe that they were as junky as I was describing. I told them that it was possible that we had received a "dud" but that I wouldn't be surprised if 85% of those purchased weren't duds, the quality was so poor. We're talking carnival-type winnings, here. And that my mother-in-law wasn't going to pay over $16.00 (both directions) to ship a piece of junk that wasn't worth $3.00. This little lady lives on $1,000 a month! I told them I would share my concerns with our attorney general but they didn't seem to care. Obviously, if they're selling this kind of crap to little old ladies! So - don't trust Easy Comforts to have anything worth what they're charging!

November 24, 2009 10:00 AM

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