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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ellis Suzuki Dealership Butler PA

Anonymous said...

As a general rule, I like to give people, products, and businesses the benefit of the doubt. After all, any one can be having a bad day, going through a bad time, or for products they could just be the bad one off the production line. Few people, places, or things, ever give me cause to regret my general kindness of opinion.

Unfortunately, Ellis Suzuki in Butler, Pa, at the former home of Hansen Auto (and still using Hansen Auto receipts) falls into the category of businesses not deserving of a second chance. And much as I love my new Suzuki sx4, I’ll drive a hundred miles before I’ll ever buy from Ellis again.

Mind you, I’ve bought new cars before, and I expect to be scammed and games to be played. That’s how the disgusting industry works, and much as I despise it, the only way around it is to buy a used car with a history that equals a question mark. Certainly, the salesman games were played. In example if I ‘A’ will you promise to buy the car right now, etc.

Never, though, would I imagine that a salesman would stoop so low as to tell me the car I was purchasing came with options that it did not have. Specifically, I was led to believe that I had bought the touring package (which included electronic traction control, better radio, and leather steering wheel) when in fact I had purchased the convenience package which contained none of the above.

Of course, I wasn’t going to take this lying down. I marched back into that dealership and complained up a storm. Here they first attempted to make me feel like a fool (not happening)then came back at me with a simple, ‘well, what do you want us to do?’ Ideally, I wanted them to take back the car they lied to me about and replace it with the one they said I was buying, but we both knew that wasn’t going to happen. So instead I settled for some free options.

Well, they claim they don’t have any of these extras in stock and that they have to be ordered. So a receipt was issued for the freebies (on a Hanson Auto receipt) for the product. They also promised to call and tell me when the items came in. Big surprise, no phone calls. I tried to call in and was repeatedly sent to a voice mail. I left messages, all of them very nice I assure you, which were never returned.

Today, I am too busy to follow up any more on this rip off. I have a husband with cancer to care for and can’t be bothered with the stress of dealing with these people. It is shameful the way I was dealt with and they way I am sure they deal with all of their customers who have a mind to pay attention. Do not, not, NOT buy from Ellis Suzuki.

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