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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, NV

Anonymous said...
The first time I saw the Rio Hotel and Casino, I wasn’t really that impressed. I thought it was rather ugly to be frank, not like the graceful and light colored casinos that surrounded it. However, even then I did think that it had a unique look to it and later when it got dark, even thought it looked rather pretty with all the red and purple lights that lined the casino sides. I will state that I was far more impressed with the inside of this casino than the outside. I liked how it was a carnival atmosphere with colorful Mardi Gras masks and motifs all around the place. There is this one second on one side of the casino that really stands out. During the day, and I think it’s every hour or so, there is a free performance given by acrobats and it’s very fun to watch them sitting in a boat like structure strung on a line so that it looks like they are floating over you. It reminds of what Circus Circus does with their free show although this one is more colorful in my opinion. But
over all, this is your typical casino, with the main casino being near the front entrance. They have a huge slot section however and it stretches as far as the eye can see.

Some high points to this casino is their buffet, and some of their shows. Now they feature Penn & Teller, the magic duo, who does strange and seemingly dangerous things to each other and is very popular with their audiences. I particularly like them because every winter, they donate a lot of their ticket shows to the local blood bank so that more people will donate if they know that they’ll get free Penn & Teller show tickets. For that, I admire their dedication and contribution to the local community and it’s just really wonderful of them to care so much about others. But there was one show that I just loved to watch. It was a show that was given in the air. The performers were tied to bungy cords and literally flew through the air. It was an awesome show and I wish they’d come back because I’d so go see them again. This casino also has a large bowling alley and like I said before, a great buffet. The one very unique thing about this casino is that the cocktail waiters and
waitresses will randomly get up on a mini stage situated throughout the casino and then perform a snippet of a song while dancing on the tiny stage. They are all very good singers and I can see that the requirements are stringent which is nice because you know that you’re getting some serious talent into the place. Is it the best casino around? No, would be the resounding reply, but it is entertaining and it is a friendly casino, so although it won’t wow you like some of the mammoth casinos that are nearby, it will still hold its own and keep their patrons happy.

September 10, 2009 5:53 AM

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