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Monday, August 31, 2009

Walmart Supercenter Dublin, GA

Anonymous said...
Walmart Supercenter Dublin, GA
I went to Wal-mart to return two Wrangler Jeans Co. shirts that I had purchased for my husband because they were the wrong size. I had my receipt so I assumed that this would be an easy process. When I walked up to an associate and handed her the shirts and the receipts she immediately snapped that I couldn't bring these back because she claimed that one of the shirts had been washed. I explained that this was nonsense seeing as how it had the tags still on them and I had a receipt that corresponded to the tags. She loudly stated in her reply that Wal-Mart doesn't even put its tags in that location (on the collar)and that they did not have black tags (the little plastic thread that holds the paper tag on). The other shirt that I was returning also had a black plastic tag. I stated that I had purchased the shirts from this Wal-Mart, that they most certainly had never been washed, and that I wanted my money back. She made a huge scene out of going to another associate to show them the shirt. She return to the customer service counter and tried to argue with me more about the "condition" of the shirt. She was very loud and rude and there were many people in line who were listening to this whole fiasco. The associate from the floor that had been shown the shirt to came over to customer service and made smart remarks to me the entire time that she was helping the first woman give me my money back. These women were loud, rude, and unbelievable ill trained. As soon as I had my returned money in my hand, I went over to the men's section found an identical shirt with a black tag which was in the exact same location of the one that I had just return and had been so rudely accused of washing and somehow re-tagging. When I confronted the women, the floor associate kept stating that "it was alright ma'am". I exclaimed that it most certainly was not alright to be embarrased and accused of something inappropriate. I knew that there was no need to bother with talking to the manager because when you have a problem at our local Wal-Mart nothing ever happens to remedy the issue. I came home and called 1-800- Walmart and reported the incident. I am waiting to have my call returned. My husband however, did go back to Wal-Mart as soon as I got home to tell him about the incident. He spoke with a manager who said that people have made complaints on these ladies before. This only proves my point that nothing gets done. Why are these women still employed, especially in a customer service position when they are known for harassing customers.

August 31, 2009 5:28 AM

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