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Monday, August 3, 2009

Lenscrafters Arlington Texas

Anonymous said...

Lenscrafters Arlington Texas
After having a bad experience at Eyemasters in the same mall your store is in, I went to Lenscrafters to find new glasses. The person that helped me that day was Peggy. She seemed very knowlegeable and friendly and willing to help me. I told her what I was looking for, the price I had paid without my insurance at Eyemasters ($279.99) for designer Armani frames and Essilor lens with progressives and transitions, uv, scratch resistance-everything! I have Eyemed insurance. She called your lab to see if you have the verilux physio 360 lens and she said that they did. She put it my insurance info in the computer, she put in a generic frame with a cost of $200.00 and supposidly everything I wanted including scotchguard. She gave me a total of $277.00 for everything. She even showed that to me on the computer. I advised her that I had to get my refund back from Eyemasters (since they did not line to bi-focal properly the glasses were a mess). I kept in touch with her over the next few days to let her know how that process was going. When I got my refund back, I called her and advised that I would like to come in and pick out a frame and purchase the glasses. I double checked again to make sure the price was as quoted as I had done every time I spoke with her. She stated each time that it was. I told her I could come in on Friday (July 10) She stated that she was off that day and that I could speak with her co-worker Sandy that day. My sister and I went up there Friday and I chose a pair of frames that were $220.00 D & G dd5028 in bronze. I wasn't sure about the color on the temples so I was advised to drive to the Cedar Hill store or the Southlake store to view them in another color or see other frames available. I then drove all the way to Cedar Hill. I live in Mansfield, so this was not close to my home. I arrived at the Cedar Hill location and they were very busy so I had to wait quite a while. They were out of that frame and had ordered a pair in black for another person but it was already sealed and ready to be shipped to another customer. I then left, but was advised that I could go to the North Park Mall location in Dallas to see them and other glasses. That was much, much farther to drive and I didn't go. I went back to the Parks Mall location in Arlington on Monday. Sandy was there since Peggy was off work that day too. I decided I would go ahead and get the bronze ones. She looked in the computer for my information, typed in my RX and proceeded to fill my order, did measurements, etc. When she was done, the price was almost $500! I didn't understand why. I explained that this was not what was quoted to me. She had the manager Charles to look at the order and he advised that I wait until Peggy comes back to work on Tuesday and let her do the order since she would know what she had done. I waited to receive a call on Tuesday, but instead I had to call her. They were busy in the store she stated, and she would call me back in about 30 minutes. 2.5 hours later, she called me. She stated she was still working on it and would call me back. She did call me back and said she realized that she had forgotten to add something to the order and that's why there is a big difference int he price. So, I have wasted almost a week with this! I've wasted time and money driving here and there for her to have misquoted me on the price! Shouldn't the price be honored since your employee quoted it to me directly and showed that price on your computers!!! I was assured when I spoke with your employees that you were much better than Eyemasters and that you stand behind your products and customer service is your main objective. I'm not seeing it. Sounds too much like a bait and switch to me. I will be posting this letter and my experience with your company around the internet.

I would like for them to honor the price they quoted me for what I requested. Or, they can do it for a even more discounted price or free since this has been such a big inconvenience. I've found numerous complaints all over the internet regarding Lenscrafters/Luxottica business practices and how customers are being treated.

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