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Monday, August 31, 2009

disconecting my Verizon service

Anonymous said...
In July 2009, I tried disconecting my Verizon service because it was supposed to cost $99/month for a bundle. I recieved a bill for $343.89 after two months of service. I had to make three phone calls each a week apart because each time they would fail to disconnect my service. FINALLY MY ACCOUNT WAS TERMINATED !! NOW THE FUN BEGAN!

I spent no less than 20 hours on approximatley 10 different occasions to settle my bill. I was told that Verizon did not know why the bill was that amount, because they were billing for a third party called ILB, for which they had no further informastion.

Since May of 2009, I have spoken to Debbie at 877-500-3904, she said that she was in Virginia addressed to me to someone called Jessica at 888-553-1555, who then transferred me to someone called Gloria who told me that she handled only copper wire and that my service was fiber-optic. Then I was transferred to someone in Missouri who also did not know how to justify the bill of $343 for two months service. Finally, I was told to call 800-483-3000, and the person I spoke with went over the account and could see that there were some charges, totaling $15, that should be removed. That still left the bill of $307.76. At this point I had spent too much time with this company and agreed to pay that amount. Just on the off chance that the information received was not correct I called Verizon on August 12, 2009, before throwing away the mountains of notes regarding this issue. Again, I was directed to four different phone numbers, each with a wait time of more than 15 minutes, only to find out that I still had a balance of $15! So I had spent well over 25 hours on the phone to achieve absolutely nothing!

I have heard that Verizon is infamous for over billing and for giving you the runaround. I can testify that this is absolutely true from my experience. This has been the absolute worst business that I have ever dealt with, and I would not recommend Verizon to anybody. If I had more time and inclination, I would not hesitate to start a class-action suit against the company for this runaround. Some of the phone numbers that I've had to call to close this account are 877-500-3907; 866-500-2365; 800-483-3000; 866-486-9758; 888-553-1555; 800-483-4000; 877-500-3904; 8 the zone addition to all the numbers I was transferred to do not know phone numbers for. Verizon is the ultimate runaround company, in my opinion!!!

August 31, 2009 5:27 AM

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