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Monday, August 31, 2009

Apex Systems Inc.

Anonymous said...
Apex Systems Inc.
On October 25, 2008 I received a call around 9:30PM from my Employeer and was instructed not go to work the next day without any explanation given to me for the decisionmade. Later I found out that the Apex Systems Inc. filled a termination report with CA. EDD department, and the reasoning was Absenty problem. The night of Oct. 25, 208 when I recieved the telephone call from my employeer the issue was never mentioed or brought up, and previously to that never given any verbal, written or any other warning ot counselling from Apex Systems INC. I disccussed the situation with the EDD representative, and later recieved another letter that I was Laid Off. Thsi was a very unfair circumstances I was put in and extermely unfair from the Employer to terminate me under such cirumstances and without any proir warning or counseling. Also, I did not have any absenty problem working in the short time I was employed by Apex Systems Inc.. And to mention I had the same termination issue with Apex Systems Inc. on September of 2007, while working for them as Business Ayanlyst for Verizon Wirelss Corporation in Irvine, At that time, the situation was more confusing, on the last day of my employment for Aoex Systems Inc. in Sept, 2007. I recieved a Phone call from The Business Analyst Group that she was going to offer me a position as Business Analyst within two weeks. Right after that I recieveda call feom Apex Systems Inc. That I should pack my belongings and leave the premisis immediately, without any advance notification of any kind, and afterwards never recievd any explanation as to the decisionmade by Apex Systems inc. I feel very strongly that I have discaiminated on both Employment dates by Apex Systems Inc. Ans not sure if this damage is having an effect in my present employment search also. I appriciate your time and feedback as to what I should do. I am a single woman age 51, and I feel that this situation has damaged my employment history.

August 31, 2009 5:26 AM

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