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Monday, August 31, 2009

Mikes Roofing

Anonymous said...
Mikes Roofing
He was the contractor we hired to replace our shingles on the roof as it was leaking in the downstairs bathroom. It took several phone calls and broken promises before he finally turned up to do the job saying that he was behind on another house and the weather was against him. He gave me an invoice from Countryside Lumber showing how much the materials were going to cost and I gave him a cheque for over $4,000. During the course of the installation we noticed that a lot of material was still sitting on our driveway and questioned him about this. He said that Countryside Lumber had sent the material for another job he was going to do in Gimli along with the material for our roof by accident and that they would be coming to pick it up. Sure enough, the other material was indeed picked up - BY HIM. He took it away himself!!! The roof was finally completed and we paid him the rest of the money - just over $3,000. The first rain...... the roof leaked..... in a completely different place than before!!! We contacted him and he couldn't believe that it was leaking and promised me he would be out the next day to come and fix the problem. So started the cat and mouse game of us calling and him lying and saying he was coming. In the meantime our roof is now leaking in 3 different places, one is the original leak all over again. He now won't take our phone calls at all. I called our insurance company and they sent a roofing contractor out to check out why the roof was leaking. After his inspection he informed me that not only was there a poor job done (we knew that already) but that the roof was not up to code and the entire thing had to come off and be replaced. There was no ice and water shield and NO FELT PAPER other than the little bit he put on the front of the house where we could see him. Code dictates because of the pitch of our roof that we should have 2 layers of felt and ice and water along all the eaves which is on his quote. Our insurance company cancelled our insurance because of his job, and we are supposed to now find another bunch of money to pay someone else to come and do our roof properly. He is still out there, working, and is even advertising his business without a care in the world about the job he did on us. If you call his "business number" it is actually a pager - you can't leave any kind of message but your number and he will call right back - unless he knows it's us. We have contacted him from different numbers and he always calls back when he doesn't recognize the number. When he calls back he is full of apologies and promises to come the next day and once again he never shows. Beware who you invite into your home to do some work for you. We feel like we have been robbed. He came into our home and we trusted him to do the job we were paying for and he knowingly lied from the very beginning and was intent on screwing us out of our money by cutting as many corners as he could.

August 31, 2009 5:28 AM

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