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Monday, August 3, 2009

ABCO Technology

Anonymous said...
ABCO Technology
They over charge you on everything, books that cost 20 bucks on, they charge over 200 for. The supplies that they charge you over a grand for are pirated, burned from their server. And you, the student, have to pay $$$$ for it. Materials that cost them less than a hundred dollars, you pay 800 for. And it gets better! Classes are constantly canceled, sometimes within a couple hours from when it's suppose to start. The "Instructors" always seem to be sick every other weekend, or have a family emergency. Better still, they're not even certified by the vendors to teach the material that they overcharge you for! The equipment is NOT "State of the art," like they promise, they use old computers that are not able to handle the pirated software they have installed on all the computers. Out of the 8 computers per classroom, only 5 work. And because the hard drive space is so limited, when you save your work on the hard drive or the desk top, other students from other classes can access your files, edit them, or delete them; and you then have to start all over again. Oh, and there is only ONE bathroom for all student and staff to use. There's more! When you get fed up and ask for a refund, they take 30 business days, which is really 2 months, for them to give you a break down of what you paid and what you owe. THAT'S RIGHT. WHAT YOU OWE! And if god forbid, they admit to owing you money, you don't get it right away like they did when you initially paid, you get it in $500 checks that are: 1) Always late 2) And you have a 50% chance it will bounce. 3) You have to call them to remind them they need to pay you 4) You'll get a post-dated check that has to be cashed a week after the date written on the check. PLEASE, PLEASE, don't waste your MONEY, and most importantly, you're TIME on a scam school that will only take YOUR MONEY!!! Your Conscience!

August 3, 2009 5:53 AM

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