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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why the ipod touch is great

Anonymous said...
Ipod Touch
The ipod touch has everything you would expect from your standard ipod, but with a nice interface, touch screen(obviously), and a bunch of useful and entertaining apps available to be downloaded.

I’ve had my ipod touch for about six months, and am in general very pleased with my purchase. The only thing that has been a big let down is that I only purchased the 8 gig version, and you quickly run out of space on that.

First I must say that if you are considering purchasing the ipod touch you must ask yourself several questions. 1. Do you want it just because it is touch screen and because of the apps? 2. Do you just want something to listen to music on? I’ve seen far too many people purchasing ipod touches only because they are interested in the touch screen/application features of it, and who would seldom listen to music, which is absolutely absurd. There are also a handful of people who just want an ipod, but purchase the ipod touch and never use the application features of it. In order to be buying the ipod touch you would have to have moderate interest in both, but mainly the music features, because after all it is an ipod, and not a game console.

I have to admit that when I first bought it to I found myself obsessed with all of the applications available and you would be too. But that obsession dies down after a month or so, and then you are left with a nice looking ipod, which you will use mainly to listen to music, and for the occasional application which is nice.

If you do purchase it I would also not recommend actually purchasing apps from the app store, as I never have and am satisfied, and have found all my friends who have to be in the end disappointed and found that it was a waste of money. The app store can be a huge rip off, so I would definitely stick with just the free apps, do not waste your money on the paid ones.

One feature that can be kind of annoying about the ipod touch is just its size. Its fine when you are holding it etc., but when you listen to music and try cramming it into your pocket, it can kind of be a drag to haul around with you because you can constantly feel it pressuring against your leg, or wherever you place it, and when doing work in the yard or something I always found myself conscious I would damage it when kneeling down, so I would recommend buying some sort of carrying case to store it in when not using it or listening to music.

So if you’ve been considering purchasing it for a while, I’d say go for it, and probably get the 16 gig, its worth the extra cost to have the space, and do not buy it if you are looking for something just to get applications on, you must really and truly want an ipod to listen to music on.

July 7, 2009 11:25 AM

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