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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Northern Lights Cruise Burlington, VT

Anonymous said...
Northern Lights Cruise Burlington, VT

The last time we were visiting New England, when we made our way over to Vermont as we so often do, we were looking for things to do at night. Now if you’ve ever been to Vermont, this is sure not an easy task as it’s pretty quiet around Vermont at night. However, I happen to pick up a brochure at our hotel about a Dinner Cruise that goes along Lake Champlain at night and I made a call and looked into it and next thing we knew, we were making our way to the Northern Lights Cruise!

This boat which is incidentally drop dead gorgeous, pristine white paint on the outside and mahogany finish on the inside, leaves out of Burlington, VT in the evenings for Sunset Cruises in Summer at 7 PM. It does a two and a half hour cruise along Lake Champlain.

The night we chose to do this cruise, they had for entertainment on board that was a Steel Drum Band. This was so awesome because here we were on Lake Champlain in Vermont and we’re hearing music that made you feel like you were in the Caribbean!

The cruise was simply breathtaking in the moonlight along Lake Champlain. We met another couple who were there for their 20th anniversary. They were still so much in love and so obviously in tune with one another. It was so much fun to talk with them and share our story of our relationship and then hear theirs.

The dinner for this cruise is set up Buffet style. It was actually very good and a wide selection of choices. I only wish that it had been a sit down dinner style. The Buffet though had Soups, Salads, Meats, Potato, Fruits, Vegetables, Pasta, Desserts and more. Really good food. They also have coffee and tea available the entire time you are on board.

You can also have drinks on board but of course, these aren’t included in your admission. They did an excellent job with my husband’s mixed drinks and my wine was wonderful!

The Steel Drum Band made the night absolutely magical! You really felt like you were in the Caribbean! We slow danced twice but there were even people dancing to the faster tunes. Very nice band and they played their hearts out!

I’ve heard they also have oldies bands and other types of music. I’d love to go of a night when they have a Jazz band playing.

I also want to say that the staff on this cruise are excellent! They are so friendly and attentive and you leave there with a very good feeling as though your visit mattered, which is so unlike many cruises I have taken in the past.

Northern Lights also does a Brunch Cruise, a Lunch Cruise and they also do special occasions and weddings. I can only imagine how beautiful a wedding cruise would be!

The lake is so beautiful and when you’ve been out on this cruise and you come into Burlington Harbor at night with all the lights, it’s just gorgeous!

July 21, 2009 3:54 AM

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