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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Miyabi Kyoto Japanes Restaurant Myrtle Beach, SC

Anonymous said...
I had heard good things about Miyabi and I have also enjoyed eating many times at a fast-casual restaurant owned by the same company, so I thought that Miyabi would be a sure fire hit. My wife and I called ahead to make a reservation, as was recommended. When we arrived we were welcomed quickly and informed that we would be seated momentarily. They led us to our table, which is designed to seat eight and wraps around a large grill. They have the tables arranged in pairs so that there was seating for 16 people with two cooks in a small area. Our server arrived shortly and took our drink orders. Within just a few moments she returned with our drinks and then took our dinner order as well. While we waited for the cooks to come to the table, we had to endure the other people at our table. This is one of the weak points of this type of restaurant, in my opinion. You have no control of your dinner company except for who you bring with you. So unless you go with a large group, you will be sitting with strangers. Our tablemates did not seem to have a grasp of basic manners. They were very loud and rude to the staff. One lady smelled as though she put on an entire bottle of very strong perfume, which gave me a headache. Of course, this is not really the fault of the restaurant, but it is something that one should keep in mind when considering eating at such a place. The cooks for both tables finally arrived and began cooking. First they sauteed onions and zucchini. Then they did some fried rice, followed quickly by a shrimp appetizer. All of this is included with any entree. Then the cook began preparing the entrees. Our cook seemed to be a little slower than his counterpart at the other table and a little less polished with his showmanship. I found myself watching the other guy because he was more entertaining. The cooks provide a little distraction by performing little tricks, which I won’t describe so as not to ruin it for you. However, I will say this: don’t decide to go for the show. It won’t be worth it. I ordered shrimp and chicken teriyaki, both of which were very good. However, they were only marginally better than the food at the fast casual restaurant I mentioned earlier, which now I see is just a stripped down version of this place. By the way, the fast casual place is called Mon Cafe (formerly Kyoto Express) and is in nearby Conway, SC in the Walmart shopping center on Church ST. Let’s get back to the food. As I said, the food was very good and they give you a lot of it. My entree was $15.95 and I ate my fill at the restaurant and still had about the same amount to take home with me, which I ate later. We had arrived at the restaurant at 6pm and had tickets to an 8pm movie, so at 7 we started getting ready to check out. The problem was that our server had not been to check on our table in about 10 minutes. When she did come back we told her we were in a hurry and she was very understanding and helpful in getting us out ASAP. Other things to note are that the place seemed very clean and very nicely decorated. All staff were very polite and helpful. The prices are somewhat high for me ($10.00 to $20.00/entree) but you do get a lot of food, as I mentioned. However, I will probably not go back. When I want good Japanese food, I will just go to Mon Cafe because it is closer, quicker, cheaper, and just about as good.

July 2, 2009 8:33 AM

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