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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Legacy Van Lines of San Diego, California

Anonymous said...
Legacy Van Lines of San Diego, California
On May 14, 2009, I hired Legacy Van Lines based on their favorable BBB rating. My purpose for hiring movers was so to properly crate my 42" plasma tv. I signed a contract with the crating included, paid a $150, and scheduled pickup for June 14-15, 2009. By Sunday June 14, I left 2 messages. The 15th, they called saying their truck had broken down and they needed 1 more day. On the 16th when a truck did not arrive, I called again. David told me in a very hostile manner that the truck would not be there until the 17th. He said it was not his company's fault that the truck broke down and it was against company policy to issue discounts. I contacted an insurance agency and bought a full coverage policy for $175. On the 17th, nobody arrived by so I called again. The truck driver told me he would be 6 hours late. I reconfirmed that he had the materials to properly crate the tv. Finally, around 6:30pm the truck, driver, his 8 month pregnant wife, and helper arrived without the key to unlock their trailer. The driver had to borrow a hack saw to cut the lock off. I documented everything with my new camera. Then they began loading my boxes into the truck. I went into my house and found the driver had cut a cardboard box open, bent it over the top of the tv and was wrapping tape around the box. I immediately stopped him. I referred him to the contract about the crating of the tv. He called his boss, whom he addressed as Bubba. I spoke to Bubba who yelled at me that this is how they do it and I shouldn't be telling him how to move things. I hung up with Bubba and asked that my things be taken off the trailer. The driver refused, and stood behind the trailer calling me names while I unloaded my belongings. I went in search of my camera while the movers closed up their truck and drove away. They stole my brand new $260 camera. Throughout the ordeal I lost the $150 deposit, $175 for the insurance policy, and a brand new $260 camera, plus a week's worth of time and was treated horribly the whole time.

July 7, 2009 11:22 AM

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