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Friday, July 17, 2009

Blue Pearl in New Haven, CT

Anonymous said...
Blue Pearl in New Haven, CT

We visited The Blue Pearl for the first time with a little trepedition. Billed as a hip, happening kind of place, I did not want to feel like a fish out of water because I am not hip or happening! What a relief to discover that although the decorating is fresh, original, and very trendy, that we were welcome patrons. We were greeted with enthusiasm the moment we entered the door. Service throughout the evening was attentive without being overbearing.
You can see images of the restaurant yourself here: The coastal blue and white color is pleasing. The metalic hints are fun. The napkins are cloth, but you can wear jeans if you want to and still feel comfortable. We dressed up, and were equally happy.
Cocktails were very reasonably priced and tasty. I ordered a French Martini, which was delicious. My husband ordered an Espresso Martini which was also spot on. The martinis come in two sizes, 6 and 10 ounce. We enjoyed the calamari appetizer, which was firm but not rubbery. The dipping sauce was fabulous and the sliced peppers mixed with the calamari was a nice touch on the tongue. For our meals we ordered the salmon and the whiskey rib eye. I found the salmon to be flavorful and fresh. The coconut balsami rice wasn’t very coconut-tasting, I found, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t pleasant. My husband thought the whiskey rib eye was too sweet for his taste, and I’ll agree the sauce was sweeter than I expected. However, upon review of the menu, it IS made with molasses bourbon butter so I’m not sure why we let ourselves think it would have the kick to the tongue as one may expect with whiskey. It was tasty, but do be aware this is not truth in advertising from the name. It would be better called molasses rib eye.
We couldn’t be tempted by dessert. I found the dessert menu lackluster. We were, however, tempted to sip some after dinner port which was a fulfilling end to the enjoyable meal. The glasses were smaller than I anticipated, and I anticipated small glasses!
We saw other people who got the fondue. It looked fun, but you don’t actually cook the fondue in hot oil. Instead, the meat and veggies are prepared in advance and you receive the dipping sauce. Perhaps I’m spoiled by fondue restaurants where I actually get to cook my own meal.
The one drawback to this space is noise control. We were seated in a romantic spot, except that it was right next to the bus station. The only thing separating us from clattering dishes were curtains of metal beads. The ceilings are high with exposed ventillation. The floor is wood. I can’t imagine how noisy it is when the bar and lounge portions of the first floor are full. However, neither do I have any immediate solutions. The space is what it is, and without a major make-over or a totally different look, the noise issue will be a factor. Music was played at an appropriate level. We did not need to raise our voices to be heard. This may not be true when the lounge is hopping.

July 17, 2009 10:54 AM

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