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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Axe anti-hangover stimulating mg-o2 shower gel

Anonymous said...
I took a shower with my dad’s shower gel again. he has so many of them in the shower and I just hate that because we have a shower with slide doors so when you open the door a bunch of products just starts to fall down from a small wall and they and up in the shower. And my dad has this silly habit of opening stuff before ending the old ones so we end up with a very long line of half empty products on the shower wall.
One of this products is Axe anti-hangover stimulating mg-o2 shower gel, when you first look at it, it has such an unusual colour, it is light green and has small bubbles of O2 inside. When I first saw it, it reminded me of Slurp. I don’t know how many people watch Futurama but there was this really cool episode about us people and it was ironically showing the fact that we don’t actually know what we eat and drink. There was this very popular drink called slurp and the Futurama crew wan a trip to the planet where this product is produced to find out that Slurp is nothing else but excrements of these giant slurp-snails that lived on that planet. The colour of this Axe reminds me on that.
Than about the smell, it is really nice, strong and refreshing. Maybe that works anti-hangover. I’ve read a few reviews on the internet from men with hangover who tried to take a shower with this shower gel but they say that it didn’t help. I mean, I doubt a shower gel can actually help you against hang over even if it has MgO2 in it. The smell disappears immediately after taking a shower so I guess if the smell is the only one working against hangover it can do much because it doesn’t last for a long time. I believe that this small bubbles, O2 can add some O2 to your cells and help them refresh themselves sooner but I doubt that effect is very strong. I really wonder how can it be that a shower gel has a very strong smell but on the body this smell disappears in no time.
This gel comes in a collection with another 6 shower gels:
Thai Massage
Snake Peel
Speed and reload
They all have very unusual colours but that’s maybe what makes them special because they are so unusual and different:
Dark blue brilliant
Pinky Red
Bright orange
half white half dark blue
Light shiny blue
looking at those colours one would never say that it is a collection for men, well except from the fact that it is Axe and Axe produces only products for men. Although I must admit that I really don’t understand what makes something to be a product for men or women specially in a shower gel. The smell is pleasant and I wouldn’t say it is masculine. maybe it has some effect on the skin that would be too strong for woman’s skin. I really wonder. Anyway, I’ve used it and I like it. It is like it smells like clean and that’s the most important skin and it didn’t dry out my skin. Actually I have to admit that it dried it much less than some products for woman I’ve used in the past.
I saw it written on the label stimulating, I really wonder what it stimulates. It comes in a bottle that pretty strange,because it is not the same on the both sides, on the left side, looking from the front it has some curves that can’t be for your fingers because they are to big, I think they are too big even for man’s fingers. On the right side the bottle looks like a vase. Pretty interesting isn’t it.
The cap is black and unfortunately it is not flat. I prefer when the cap is flat because then you can turn the bottle upside down and the product comes out easier. In my opinion, the opener is too hard too open. I think that all the bath products should have very easy openers because in the shower we can’t see much from all the steam, foam and one can slide easily so you can’t put to much energy and concentration in opening a single bottle.
I would recommend this product to everyone, women and men because it smells nice and it leaves your skin soft and nourished.

July 1, 2009 1:28 PM

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