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Monday, June 29, 2009

Transworld System (TSI) is a collections company which sold us a package of collections letters to intimidate debtors.

Anonymous said...
Transworld Systems Inc
Transworld System (TSI) is a collections company which sold us a package of collections letters to intimidate debtors.

What they DON'T tell you is that at some point your debtors roll over into a formal collections service (without your explicit permission).

In our case, we negotiated a settlement with our debtor -- without ANY help nor input from Transworld whatsoever -- and we got some of the money (not all, unfortunately).

Transworld Systems, though, claims that we now owe them 50% of what WE collected because that account went to formal collections -- without notice, and we were completely unaware.

Now, rather than talking with us, they have this morning threatened to sue us. (Yes, they are going to sue us for NOT collecting an they DIDN'T tell us went to formal collections, and that WE collected the money on.)

DO NOT BUY their warning letter system. DO NOT USE them -- they are unethical and have refused to even DISCUSS the issue with us.

June 29, 2009 10:29 AM

1 comment:

  1. I welcome the author of this blog to contact me directly to get this resolved. Transworld Systems do NOT demand 50% of any recovered money sent directly to an account owner UNLESS that debtor was entered into their online portal into Phase I and then was rolled into Phase II AFTER email notification to the account owner (who has 2 weeks to decide to take that debtor out of the system at that point) OR unless that debtor was directly assigned into Phase II by the account owner or authorized user.
    None of these actions can occur without a legal contract agreed to and signed by the account owner.
    All account activity can be tracked via the online portal with monthly status reports available in paper format on a monthly basis as well.
    If you would like help resolving this matter, I would need your customer number and client name or transmittal number.
    Transworld Systems has the best reputation in the collections industry. This situation can be resolved diplomatically without bad mouthing the company.


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