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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

paso robles veterinary medical clinic

Anonymous said...
paso robles veterinary medical clinic
we took two dogs (sisters) to be spayed on the same day to two different veterinarians. Neither clinic could schedule two dogs for surgery on the same day, so we took them to two separate clinics. We had used both clinics in the past for various problems. These two female dogs are Identical sisters. We received pre-op quotes of $150.00 each, with an extra charge if they were pregnant; which we suspected they were. One dog cost us $169.50 and P. R. Vet charged us $321.92. The base charge was $152.00; then, they itemized every charge including a flea treatment we didn't want, nor need. They charged for a "dental-floride foam". They charged $79.00 extra because she was pregnant vs. $20.00 at the other clinic. They charged $69.00 for an IV: $51.42 for pain management vs $12.50 (same drug). My husband picked up the dog at the clinic and just about told them to keep her -he was so outraged. When I called to complain; they put me on hold for 5 mins. 44 secs so I hung up. The office manager called me back and basically told me that it was my fault the cost was so high - she never quite explained that thought - but was quite clear that the charges were not negotiable. I told her quite plainly that not only had they lost my business, but I would tell everyone I knew in the community about the clinic's blatant overcharging, and their attitude toward any type of customer service. The office manager told me it was "illegal" to bad-mouth them and they would sue me. I assured them it was not slanderous to tell the truth - their fees were double the estimate and double the competition.

June 23, 2009 2:09 PM

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