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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Design Center in Stuart Florida

Anonymous said...
Design Center in Stuart Florida
Friday April 3, I have bought desk at store Design Center in Stuart, as SOLID WOOD desk. What owner of that store Mr. Alfredo C. has confirmed several times at his store during our conversation. He was very nice, freindly and outspoken I have paid $1500 cash. I was there with my wife and kids. On my way home at the gas station when I have a first oportunity to look at undernith desk in day light I find out that it is not solid wood at all !!! My kids were tired already, so I decide to get them home (45min drive) and bring desk back. I have called owner Alfredo C. telling him that I am on my way back with the desk (it was 2:30p.m - 1:00 h after purchasing) he said that store will be closed in 5min and will be closed on Saturday and Sunday as well, and he will called me later today (Friday) or Saturday. Waiting for Mr. Alfredo to call me I have checked desk with other furniture store, I was told that it is not solid wood but millboard, layers of solid wood are only glued to millboard. Actually in good light you can see that very clearly. I have called To Mr.Alfredo Saturday night and left message that I was waiting 1.5 days for his call and I will be back on Monday morning to return the desk as I announced on Friday Mr. Alfredo called me on Sunday saying that he is going on vacation for a week and he instructed his employees if I will showed up with desk at his store they should call ......police. I don't understand at all why he act that way. I was cheated and I have paid for that big price. I hope my story will warn other potential clients of the owner of Design Center in Stuart. Never something like that had happened to me before

June 23, 2009 2:11 PM

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