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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anonymous said...

Do NOT buy anything from here. They are true ripoff artists. They give you only a 30 day warranty, and the do not even honor that. This is the worst mistake I've ever made. I bought a playstation 3, and now I'm out a lot of money. They told me that it's just too bad.. The warranty is up. I haven't even had posession for 2 weeks. (They took forever to ship.) Oh... the 30 days is from the day you order, and not from the day you receive your item. This is the worst online shopping experience I've ever had.


  1. Can't agree more. I'm so frustrated, and they don't respond to e-mails or phone calls!

  2. Thank you guys so much for helping me before I decided to purchase from They had Xbox 360 Elites plus two controllers and Gears of War 2 and another game.... for the price of $236. It sounded too good to be true. And I'm now so glad I looked into it further. Somebody should contact Google b/c they have a Sponsored link at the top of the page. It ruins the integrity of those spots. Real businesses suffer as a result. Thanks again.

  3. The author of "Do NOT buy anything from here." didn't say what was wrong with his purchase.

    The author of "Can't agree more." didn't either.

    The author of "Thank you guys." asks no questions.

    If there are any dissatisfied (or satisfied) customers out there, please let us know what was wrong (or right) about your purchase, so the rest of us know what to expect.

  4. Can someone elaborate on the problems that they had. I just ordered a Wii from them, and now I am freaking out. . .lol. Please let me know what problems you had with them.

  5. How did you get the phone number Please let me know. I just ordered a Wii and I am having a panic attack. I want to cancel my order NOW!! please help I have e-mailed them, but would rather call!!!

  6. does any one have anyother information on this web site

  7. I was also thinking about ordering from this website but became a little nervous when I saw their email listed as a gmail account. Not only that but I could not locate a phone number and mailing address. For the posts made on May 5th (Twest and Anonymous) can you provide an update to this post along with your experience if/when you actually receive the merchandise you ordered? Thank you both in advance.

  8. I just ordered a wii from there too, but couldn't pay thorugh PayPal. I was trying to pay them, but couldn't. Now, I'm going to try to have them cancel my order!!

  9. I fucking hate chinese business people, I ordered a freaking psp from them since may 28th, and I email them on the sith of april, they told me they 4-7 days, and I freaking emailed them them on the 11th, now it's the 12th no response, if the web is a scam which I'm beginning to think it is, after this week, if they have now ship my sh--t, there will be a problem.

  10. I ordered a Wii on April 26 and used Paypal. It's been 16 days, money out of my pocket and no Wii yet. In response to an e-mail I sent they said the package should arrive approximately May 10. I even called UPS b/c I don't have a tracking number. The guy said it's taken him 6-8wks before to receive shipments from Asia. Not sure to wait a couple more days or go ahead and file a dispute, or whatever you call it, with Paypal. I am frustrated and confused! If it does show up, there's no telling what will be on my doorstep! And I agree...prices are TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, should've trusted that first thought.

  11. I just filed a claim with paypal against them, when i ordered from them on may 4th they were quick to take my money but not to quick with ever answering any of my e mail, i am done playing with them .i hope we all get our money back.....

  12. I have the same issue. I ordered a Wii on May 5th. After a couple of days I saw that it had not shipped and emailed them. I got an email back asking me to wait as it would take a few more days to get the order together. This week I emailed them again (several times) and got no response. I have no shipping information or communications from them. To me it looks very much like we have all been scammed!

  13. same with me ordered a wii just started a dispute with paypal ...fingers crossed

  14. Same story here, ordered a Wii on May 4th and have not recieved anything yet. They only responded to our first email. We will be filing a claim with PayPal and with Visa.

  15. I also bought a PSP from them, paypaled on 05/04/09. Todays later I e-mailed them and I was suprised they responded with a "Hello, Thank you for your letter, I have seen your order, we need 4-7 days to process an order, the general time of receipt of the goods about 8-12 days, please be patient about, when you orders we will e-mail updates to inform you, thank you!" Well, now it is 05/21/09...17 days has passed my status is still Confirmed,Payed,Unshipped. I'm thinking this is a scam.

  16. I bought a PSP from them on 05/04/09 and paypaled the same day. Well, now it has been 17 days. I only recieved 1 e-mail from them on 05/06/09 saying "Hello, Thank you for your letter, I have seen your order, we need 4-7 days to process an order, the general time of receipt of the goods about 8-12 days, please be patient about, when you orders we will e-mail updates to inform you, thank you!" Right now my status is still Confirmed,Payed,Unshipped. Now I think it might be a scam.

  17. I ordered a DSi bundle on May 4. I haven't received my DSi or word from I sent them a few emails to the email address posted on the website also the one they use for paypal with no success they never replied. So I just filed a complaint with paypal. Hopefully their able to get my money back.

  18. has any one gotten money back

  19. I recieved an email from paypal stating:

    "After careful review, we have concluded our investigation of the Buyer
    Complaint described below.

    We have decided in your favor, however, we were unable to recover any funds
    from the seller's account. As stated in the PayPal User Agreement, recovery
    of funds associated with a Buyer Complaint cannot be guaranteed.

    Please know that we will make our best effort to recover the funds in
    question if they become available in the seller's account in the future and
    will take appropriate action against the seller. Such action may include
    issuing a warning, a temporary restriction, or terminating the account.
    Keep in mind that PayPal uses a number of factors to determine when to take
    action, including member complaints. Due to privacy laws, we cannot discuss
    the details of any action taken. We hope you understand our policy and that
    it assures you that you are safe using PayPal

    Seller's Name:
    Seller's Email:
    Seller's Transaction ID: 98R12178420729906"

    So in other words there is nothing I can do but sit and wait and I'll be lucky if they are able to recover my money. What a shame.

  20. I was scammed by this site as well. On May 31 I filed a PayPal claim. This resulted in them finding in my favor on June 8, as the seller did not respond, AND them recovering the money I had spent w/ ShopInElectricals. I guess for some PayPal is doing the right thing. I do question why they (PayPal) are allowing this site to continue to use their services and muck up the 'PayPal' reputation for buyer protection.


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