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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Judy L said...
When I was recently in need of these services, I contracted through MIKE AND THE MOVERS, paid CARSON RELOCATION, yet the mover, JOSE CHAIN OR CHAN, told me he worked for UNITED . Much to my dismay and your good fortune, here’s my story. FACTS AS THEY UNFOLDED
1. Mike wasn’t the cheapest or most expensive, but friendly on the phone. However, when I emailed him, I received the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL EMAIL I have ever seen!!! After he apologized, we agreed on a price and date.
2. The man named JOSE, who said he worked for United and a younger driver, named JOE showed up at my storage unit 30 minutes late. They were amicable and seemed to do a good job working. However, it took them three and one-half hours to make the 140-mile trip back to my house. I made the same trip in two hours in my car, so I was expecting about 3 for them. Jose told me they had stopped along the way. Mind you, the customer is being charged for this time!
3. They proceeded to unload my things, furniture in the house, boxes and storage tubs stacked in the garage. About an hour into unloading, I saw a tub with a purple lid labeled TURTLES in big black marker. This excited me because it was glass knickknacks, turtles, hand-blown “Glass Eye” ornaments with hangar, among other items that my kids and family had given me over the last 30 years. I pulled the heavy tub to the side and exclaimed to Joe, “This is my turtles, I am so happy to see it. Keep it over here;” meaning not to put it in the stacks growing in my garage. He said, “OK.” I was in and out of the house for the next 45 minutes or so and each time saw my Turtle tub sitting to the side where I put it, but other boxes were accumulating by it.
4. All seemed to go well until the last 30-40 minutes of the move, when I had to go in the house for about 15 minutes or so, which left BOTH MEN ALONE, stacking things in my garage. When I returned to the garage, I noted I could not see my Turtle tub, but assumed it was behind the many boxes which were now stacked in front of where I had left it.
5. I didn’t walk over and look for it; and almost immediately Jose went to the truck and retrieved the moving paperwork. He said, “Let’s go inside and finish the paperwork.” I did, leaving Joe alone for another 10 minutes or so.
6. When I came back outside with Jose, the truck was closed and they were in a hurry to leave. I didn’t think anything about this as it had been a long day. I did not ask them to show me the supposedly empty truck.
7. I padlocked the garage, without going inside, and did not open it again for a few days. After cleaning up the curio cabinet for my knickknacks, I returned to the still-padlocked garage to get my Turtle tub and it was not there. I spent the next couple days moving all the boxes and tubs in the area it had been sitting to look for it. Even crawled over the stack to the center hole, so I could see everything. Nothing!!!
8. I called Jose; and Joe returned to my house, moved the same boxes and tubs around finding nothing, although he assured me HE REMEMBERED the tub and my excitement. After finding nothing, I told him I was going to file a complaint. Joe indicated concern about losing his job. He emphasized his concern with a story about “a man that worked at ‘the company’ and was eventually fired for stealing from customers he moved and selling the stuff.”
9. The following day, some guy who identified himself only as ‘KEVIN, from the moving company’ called me and proceeded to tell me, “Our guys don’t steal, and I don’t think you know what you are talking about!” Obviously, that was the end of that conversation. Apparently, he didn’t work for the same company as Joe, since their stories about working thieves were entirely opposite!!!
1. Obviously, Kevin has no knowledge of professionalism as he didn’t even identify himself! I have no idea what moving company he supposedly works for since, as I stated above, three different companies were named to me; and I only received a copy of one of the papers I signed, which has NO IDENTIFYING information on it at all!
2. The only people with access to my missing Turtle tub was Jose Chain and Joe. And how coincidental the only missing item is THE ONE TUB I MADE A BIG DEAL ABOUT!!!
3. While I do not know if Mike has any knowledge of the incident, it now seems to me that his unprofessional email in the beginning goes right along with the obvious, suspect behavior of Jose Chain and Joe and the totally unprofessional phone call from Kevin, whoever he may be!
4. Since I have always believed that people are good at heart, and I’m obviously a bit too trusting, I have no legal recourse here. And, unfortunately, while the mementos of my life are more valuable than thousands of dollars to me; they are irreplaceable, yet have no more value than a few dollars at a flea market to the new, current owners!!!
SO, DO NOT LEAVE MOVERS UNATTENDED; AS A TEAM, THEY KNOW! LAST THING, GO INSIDE THE TRUCK AND MOVE PILED PADS! LOOK IN THE CAB! Those are the facts pertaining to the movers I have listed, which I will leave to the reader’s discretion and judgment; but I will strongly reiterate


March 30, 2009 5:47 PM

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