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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I bought a watch from when they had a $25.00 discount on the purchase if I agreed to open a shopnbc credit card.

Anonymous said...
I bought a watch from when they had a $25.00 discount on the purchase if I agreed to open a shopnbc credit card.
So, I did reluctantly but did get my $25.00 off the purchase. What followed I did not expect, I was called that I was late with the payment since I never called the magic phone number( I have not recieved the card or bill yet but they needed another card to bill
me on. which I did and was told that the billing would be transferred to this card for the 5 easy payments at the same rate(o% interest for 5 payments), to this I agreed and gave them another card.
I get an electronic phone message that I need to take action concerning the shopnbc account. It stated I am past due.
I then called the number on the back of the card to find out that the Customer Support does not support the credit card services, to which the lady gave me a telephone number and connected me.
After the typical electronic garbage to screen the department I told the representative that I wanted to pay my bill off. To that he asks more questions and informs me that I would be charged a $15.00 phone payment charge(which I pointed out to him that the $15.00 represents a 35% additional charge over the $41.75 owed) I repeated him the information he told me concerning the $15.00 charge.He said since I was late for a payment and wanted to pay it over the phone there would be a $15.00 charge. I then asked him if I went and paid it online would be a charge he said no or you could pay it by mail, to this I ran to the computer and found credit card payments which asks me to open up a user Id etc. to find out I could not make a payment over the web and if I had any questions call this number.
By some ironic vodoo I reached the same guy I just hung up on and he told me since I was 1 payment late(again I never got the bill or card telling me what the payment date was)
If I didn't want to incur the costs then I should send the payment to them by mail priority to get a receipt(lets see what happens next).
I hope some of the Attorney Generals would look into these and other complaints made by normal everyday people that were not happy with the way SHOPNBC operates including their Credit Card Company by treat their customers,to defame their Credit rating over problems they do not want to deal with.

March 31, 2009 11:14 AM

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