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Friday, April 10, 2009

Harmons and hancock fabric as to their "letting", you go policies.

airforcegirl said...
Yes, I would like to speak out about Harmons and hancock fabric as to their "letting", you go policies. My sister worked at Harmons for 10 years, faithfully. She had earned over 300 sick days and had not used any. They called her in and told her that due to reccession that they would need to cut back on some pesonel so they were "LAYING" her off for two weeks then went behind her back and said "oh, sorry, we are not taking you back", but we are keeping all new employees and feel you should be the one to go so we can hire someone else, so they save on insurance,paid time off, 401k. These do not have to be paid to new employees. They are giving their top"DOGS" all the good stuff and thousands of dollars in bonus money and to hell with those who need their jobs. These people will now lose evereything and Harmons just sits on its fat ass and uses it customers and employees.Utah and Harmons has lost all my respect and I fill ashamed to have to acknowledge that I live in Utah and that Harmons ( who are Church owened) treat people like they are bottom feeders. It takes a single person job just because they have opposing sexual oppions and do not have a family. Harmons was totally out of place and now has refused her the monies she put into the company and her sick leave. They should be called to the forfront on their crimes and their backstabbing, lowhanded ways. Harmons will never see my business again and they should give my sister what is properly hers.

April 10, 2009 1:40 PM

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