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Thursday, April 9, 2009

David Toussi, owner of Toyo Tech at 3414 Sage Rd in Houston, sexually harrassed me

Anonymous said...
David Toussi, owner of Toyo Tech at 3414 Sage Rd in Houston, sexually harrassed me when he came to pick the keys up for my vehicle that he at his shop. Needless to say he left the keys behind. This man came to my home and kept trying to pull my pants down. He exposed himself to me and when I began to cry--he left--leaving the keys right where they were when he first came in. I have reported this business to the BBB--and they now have another complaint against them. I have also began a sexual harrassment lawsuit against Mr. Toussi. Consumers need to be aware of what type of person runs this business. Especially women, if he tried this with me, I am most certain there were women who did not come foward already--so he will do it again. I am speaking for those women who were afraid that he would harm their vehicle, and didn't say anything. This individual does not need to work around females--and his wife and daughter need to be aware of what he has done and has the potential to continue doing!!! Again the name of the company is Toyo Tech at 3414 Sage Rd in Houston.

April 9, 2009 11:59 AM

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