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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

waterbed from Oasis bedrooms

Anonymous said...
On April 24, 2008 my husband and I purchased a waterbed from Oasis bedrooms. Eight months later the bed sprung a leak, ruining the entire bed. We called Oasis and they said to drain the bladders inside the bed and bring them in for inspection. We did so and asked that my husband or I be present when they inspected it that night. They said they'd call us so we could be. We get a call the next day telling us they inspected it (without us present) and that there was a huge hole in the bladder. We were told that we must have put a hole in the bed by sitting on it with keys in our pockets or some other incident. We do not sit on our bed other then to sleep. We don't even sit on it with clothing on. My husband and I inspected the bed, giving them the benefit of the doubt that somehow there was a hole somewhere. We inspected the bed literally for 2 solid hours. Took each piece apart, held it up to the light even to check for even a pinhole. Nothing. If something punctured that bed down to the bladder it would have had to have gone through a quilt, a blanket, a sheet, a pillow top (it's a soft side waterbed), through almost a foot of memory foam and somehow then puncture the bladder. We checked every single thing and took pictures of it all and no hole. We called Oasis back and they referred us to their customer service. We called them, they said there's nothing they could do since "we" made the hole (they still couldn't tell me where the hole was or how it was made...there IS no hole!) and that it wasn't under warranty. I argued with the girl Jackie and asked her to come out and look at my bed herself. She said she'd send an inspector out on 1/3/08. Two men came out, looked at it for about 3 minutes (actually they didn't look at it, we tried showing it to them but they just stood there) and they left saying they'd turn in the report on Monday and the manufacturer would probably do something since they didn't see a hole either. By January 8 I still hadn't heard from them so I called them. Jackie yet again said "we can't do anything it's not under warranty" (the bed still IS under warranty). I asked to speak to her supervisor. Her supervisor Jack gets on the phone and tells me the same thing. I ask him how we could have put a hole in the bladder if there is no hole at all in the bed. He said he'd talk to the man (Gary) who inspected and patched the bladder and Jack would get back to me the next day. Next day I get a call from Gary who says "come pick up your bladder". I had to go over the whole story with him yet again and told him Jack the supervisor was going to call us and tell us what he was going to do for us. Most of the bed has been damaged from water from this problem. Gary said that Jack told him to call me and tell me to pick up the bladder that there was nothing more they would do for us. I called Jack back immediately, got an answering machine and left a message for him to call. He didn't. This morning my husband called Jack and he said "he aint gonna do nothing cause its not covered in the warranty..." My husband retold whole story.. Jack said "he dont care..not coverrd ..our problem..." says "only store manager Ralph can decide to do anything......" My husband said it would probably escalate to legal action and Jack said had to end conversation there. We are headed back down to Oasis shortly to speak to Ralph the store manager, yet again, but we're sure nothing will get accomplished since he's the one that sent us to customer service in the first place. Some customer service!
So as it stands, I still have no bed to sleep on, ruined water damaged componants and have to sleep in a recliner. I originally bought the bed because I'm disabled and have serious back issues so sleeping in a recliner is definitely not helping. I really need some help with this please. I'm at my wits end! Thank you!!
Update March 3, 2009-
Ok, after their corporate office finally replaced "some" of the damaged bed we thought the problem was solved finally. That was after 2 months (at least) of horrible fighting back and forth trying to get anyone at Oasis to take responsiblity for this thing. Don't forget to this day we still have the warranty which is supposedly good (for what I don't know). So when we got the bed back, hubby didn't fill it up enough so for another month I still slept in the recliner, waiting for him to get enough time off of work to do so. Sunday of this week he finally gets a chance so he opens up the pillowtop and low and behold the whole thing is under water again. We almost died. So we put in a call to the guy who finally helped us last time and left a message for him to call us on Monday. Monday rolls around, hubby calls them again and they say the guy is at another warehouse (there are only 2 and we had the numbers to both), so hubby calls both warehouses and apparently he's not there. Then hubby puts in a call to the owner of Oasis, Tony. They tell him Tony's not in the office either....a few hours later, after making several more calls, the one guy who helped us last time calls back and says the only thing he can do is replace the bladders again. At this point we don't even want the bed anymore, we want either a refund or a store credit to get another bed. One that we can sleep on. I mean we spent $3,000 and haven't been able to sleep on this bed for more then a few months in the now 11 months we've had it. So he says he can't do that and can only replace the bladders, which is worthless to us. Every time they replace them they leak. Why? I have no idea. Defective bladders? Something in the bed that's making them leak? I don't know. All I know is I spent $3,000 and this thing is an albatross and a lemon. So he suggests we talk to Tony who's the head of it all. So hubby puts in another call to Tony, who now they say is there but he's at a warehouse too. Right. So 4pm rolls around and I decide to take a shot at calling Tony. Tony finally gets on the phone and I tell him who I am and ask if he remembers the original problem with the bed or if I need to refresh his memory. At that he starts SCREAMING at me without letting me get a word in edgewise until I was almost in tears. I have no idea why. I finally calm him down and ask why he's screaming at me and so mad. He said he doesn't understand what the problem is with the bed, to which I respond I don't either but talk to my husband. I put my husband on the phone and heard him talking calmly...then I hear him start to get agitated and my husband doesn't get agitated with someone unless they're being rude to him first (neither do I) so I take the phone back again from John and Tony's on the other end, still screaming and doesn't even know I've taken the phone. I let him go on for a minute and let him know I'm back on the phone and that we're talking nice and calmly to him and I'd appreciate it if he'd do the same for us. I mean this guy was totally verbally abusing us and for no reason! Then he starts screaming at me again and tells me that he knows I originally contacted the Attorney Generals office about the situation (I did) and that I can go contact him again that he's not doing a damned thing for us. Nice huh? I got off the phone crying, shaking and totally POd. We spent $3,000 on this POS waterbed at Oasis Bedrooms and have had nothing but a leaking waterbed, verbal abuse from the company and the runaround and no one has honored our warranty at all. We've had this bed under a year. I'd like to put it in my yard and burn it right now.

I'm still sleeping in a recliner for almost a year now and hubby is sleeping on the floor. I bought this bed because I have serious back issues and I'm in a wheelchair half the time and hubby's got hip problems and at 58 years old is sleeping on the floor. $3,000 lost.

Never never never never buy anything from Oasis. That place is a TOTAL ripoff!

Edited to say that there is one nice employee named Kevin who knows how to speak to customers politely and he did try to problem solve but said it was "out of his hands". To his credit though, he was a nice guy. The only one at Oasis with integrity, a brain and compassion, however I think he's a Sterling employee (Sterling is the waterbed company) and not an Oasis employee.
Another update, I just called Sterling, the company who manufactures the bed and they won't do anything but inspect the bladder and replace it if there's a seam leak. If there's even a pin hole in it (no matter if it's their fault or it's defective) it's not covered under warranty. Bottom line is they said they won't do anything about it either. Pathetic. Whatever happened to integrity?

March 3, 2009 12:23 PM

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