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Friday, March 20, 2009

Sharper Impressions Painting is a RIP OFF

Anonymous said...
Sharper Impressions Painting is a RIP OFF

I own/run a small house painting company. My business was slow so I subcontracted a job for Sharper Impressions. They find the jobs and bid them, then hire painters to do them. Their take is 50% of the bid. Of the other 50% I paid for materials and labor, and the balance would be mine. Outrageous, but I needed work, so I signed their contract and took on a job.

I bought materials for the job on their accounts. The contract stated I would be using Sherwin Williams (a high quality product that I use exclusively) paint, but they said they had switched to Porter paint (an inferior product). Because of this I had to use 16 extra gallons of paint (at $23.00 a gallon), I also had to pay extra in labor because of the extra time it took to triple (!!!) coat the house, but I stuck with it and finished the job.

When I got paid, I was shorted $246.35. This was in addition the the extra I had to pay for the above mentioned paint and labor. It takes a week to get their checks, and in the meantime I had started another job for them. When I called them about the shortage, they said they would make it up at the end of the current job. They did not. And they will not return my calls.

Since then (about 2 weeks) I have spoken to one other subcontractor that was also shorted over $300.00. I have also discovered that they advertise using Manor Hall Timless Lifetime paint (a good product) and are in actuallity using lower end Manor Hall (inferior product). This is flat out false advertising.

So, to sum it up, Sharper Impressions is not only shorting their subcontractors, but misleading their customers.

Cwk painting inc.
osawatomie, Kansas

March 19, 2009 4:51 PM

1 comment:

  1. Sharper Impressions Painting is a scam. They will rip you off. I agree.


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