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Monday, March 9, 2009

S. Group Investments LLC

arobin46 said...
S. Group Investments LLC thinks that they have all the power in the world and can take advantage of whoever they want. I rented a house from this company and it is one of the worst decisions I ever made. I was nothing but a perfect tenant. Upon moving out I cleaned the house above and beyond what any other tenant would ever do. I soaked the stove in oven cleaner and scrubbed it until it was perfect. I removed all the burners and cleaned all around them. I took every possible drawer out of the refrigerator and scrubbed each one individually. I sprayed and washed out all the drawers in the kitchen and the whole house. The other roommates swept and mopped every floor in the house. The house was in great condition.

I did a final walk-through with S. Group Investments LLC a couple days later. An elderly lady representing S. Group Investments LLC walked around and first told me that a soap holder was broken in the bathroom. I saw that and concurred that it should be taken out of the security. She then said a support for a burner was missing from the stove. This "missing part" was absolutely never there to begin with. I was the first one in the house, I cook every night and I noticed it right away. I told her there never was a support but she insisted. I am too easy going so, not wanting to argue I said it was fine knowing it was a part that costs less than 5 dollars. She then said that the drawer in the kitchen was broken. I informed her that the track was never installed and I showed her where the track was located in the adjacent drawer. She said that was fine, and the rest of the house was fine and that they would mail our security deposit to our new address. We all shook hands and I left thinking this was the end of a decent business relationship.

A week later I received a certified letter from S. Group Investments LLC. I opened it to get my check for what I figured would be my entire security deposit. There was only a check for 25.00. I assumed this was an extra $25 because of what great tenants we were but upon further inspection of the envelope I noticed that there was no other check. I read the enclosed letter and that is when I discovered the true face of the company I had been dealing with. They made up anything and everything they could so they could keep the security deposit. They required $60 for the $5 stove part. $55 to put in two screws for the kitchen drawer. $100 charge for one missing set of keys which I told them I would return when my girlfriend was back from Paris as she accidentally took them with her. The list of ridiculous items goes on and on until they only had to return $25. I am so sick of greedy companies thinking they can exploit consumers like this. Consumer's only course of action is small claims court and they know most people do not want the hassle. I guarantee you that this company messed with the wrong consumer. Google their name in a few days to see the power of the Internet to help protect consumers!

March 7, 2009 9:20 AM

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