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Sunday, March 1, 2009

RITE AID DRUGSTORES, The Chino Hill Seqoul Canyon Road store

Anonymous said...
RITE AID DRUGSTORES-is a nation wide drugstores. Unfortunately, the company have a shadow in the HR operation. The Chino Hill Seqoul Canyon Road store have a tremendous ugly situation that nobody will believe this is a fairy tale or true story. God forgive me, this is the story I want to share to everybody including new,president,congressman and so on. The SM had been abuse the employee for a year and a half such as pitching, pulling hair, swearing, slapping head, pushing and throwing boxes. Only take one person who have the gut to speak out for everybody. A month and a half passed by, no investigation going on we know we're in the dead end. One day LPM show up to do SMR(security checklist), when he was in the office with SM, she stared swearing until LPM couldn't stand it no more and told her to shut up. LPM went to the stockroom and talked to another manager. So, she spelled all the beans that she very abnoxious and intimidation that employee will work off clock for her and her abuse them to secure the job. LPM straighted to the Regional office, since the complaint had been told the DM whom didn't do anything.(almost 2 months). Then the investigation was started after a week and a half of the complaint. I'm one of the victim. I just the nationwide to listened to us and RITE AID as a hugh corporation sit back doing nothing until thing gettimg worst.
We are distress emotional, fear, anxiety, outrage damages......who fault it is?

February 28, 2009 11:40 AM

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