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Monday, March 23, 2009

Reliable Transmission in Queens, NY

reliable transmissions said...
please help me. 3 weeks i called a transmission place called reliable transmissions in queens ny. i explained that my car was not moving and i had no money but i would be able to pay if i can work some type of deal on paper stating i would pay weekly. i spoke to a joe. he said not a problem buddy ill work with you and understand you need your car for work so we will get you up and runnung and ill let you pay me weekly and release the car to you as long as you do it in good will. he said the diagnostic was free and then i decide. he call me back the next day and tells me that he had great news. he said your transmission is not bad. he claimed it was just a piece attached to the transmission that was bad and it would only be $551 to be exact and that was it and he asked me for the last 4 digits of my social and said ok so were gonna fix it now ok? so i said yes. then 4 days later some guy by the name of richie calls me and tells me ok your car is done and your total is $2,241.00. so i say wow why all of the sudden this change and its now fixed with this price, his reply was yeah but its fixed so who cares its worth it and hangs up. i call joe and he tells me ok come get your car but bring whatever you can bring with you. i bring him $100 and he tells me that ok you balance now is $2,551.98 thats counting the $100. i ask him for my car and why so much after i agreed to get it fixed for $551. his reply is well just bring the rest of the money and we will see what happens then. but then i get a letter saying my car will be $35 per day for storage and there will be a lien in the next 10 business days on my car. i also get 6 consecutive rude phone call from a corry and richi telling me i better come up with the money or my car is his and im asking why he is doing this to me and he hangs up on me. i call back and corry tells me how joe does not know what he is doing so i should not have listened to him cause he doesnt know how to deal with customers ands she keeps yelling at me not letting me say a word and hangs up. i call again and speak to joe and he tells me hey whats wrong and i tell him whats going on and he tells me dont worry just ripp up the letter im taking care of it. corry calls me back and tells me im losing my car in 5 days. please mr howard help me as this is the only thing i have left and they are not giving me answers plus i have my mom and dad that heard everything joe said

March 22, 2009 10:12 AM

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