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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PayPal is unfair to merchants, being a merchant or seller using paypal

dam angry said...
Paypal just pushes a button and give $$ back to buyer, even though mail tracking shows the buyer has the item & the money... go figure!

Need help bad!

I sold an antique stamped 18kt gold pocket watch case, back in November 2008. The buyer received the item and sent me an email stating the item was not gold it was "either gold filled or gold plated". He made a Paypal claim against me December 17th. I told him to send the item back, as I am confident the item is gold, although I never had it tested. In any case, if he was not happy with it, to send it back on December 17th, 2008.

As of January 4th, I had not received a tracking #, nor had I heard from him. I escalated a Paypal claim against him, so that he would provide a tracking #. He posted & provided a tracking # January 6, 2009. The item apparently, was being held in customs from January 15 to February 4. The post office then directed the item back to the buyers home, IT NEVER MADE IT TO MY HOME TOWN. The customs office states that they would not send the item back to the location.. the post office does that. The post office has no answers as to why the package went back to the sender. BUT THE PROOF IS THAT THE ITEM MADE IT BACK TO THE BUYER. It appears to be human error at the post office or customs, or it's possible the address was incorrect on the package and they redirected back to the sender... anything is possible, BUT NO ANSWERS.

SO, because the buyer posted the item, EVEN THOUGH IT DID NOT ARRIVE HERE. Paypal GAVE HIS MONEY BACK, OR DO I SAY MY MONEY, as he NOW has both the item and money.

I appealed the case. Then Paypal closes the case, because HE POSTED IT, that's all that matters to them. After several days & phone calls, they re-opened the case, after phoning customs & the post offices, to get no answers as to why the package went back to the buyer, Im hoping angry.. as my hands are tied completely, I have no insurance, because the buyer sent it out, Paypal does not insure.. Ebay does not insure... what now! Short of going to Minneapolis from Toronto to physicall get the item... Im screwed out of the money $600.00 and a gold pocket watch case that is probably worth closer to $1200.00 in todays market.. I sold it cheap for a quick sale.

Paypal claims they spoke with the buyer and he would send it back and provide a tracking #, he had 3 days to do so. That was 7 days ago. I follow up , they tell me, I will receive an email from them tonight. AND SO I DID... telling me that MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN RE-INSTATED. It was never UN-INSTATED. SIMPLY they again pushed the wrong button and sent me the WRONG EMAIL & to make matters worse my message in my Paypal account CASE CLOSED..& "YOU SHOULD CONTACT THE BUYER TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK"

When I call them... they tell me the case is NOT CLOSED... GO FIGURE. They are still communicating with the buyer and he is sending the item back .....????? Sometime.

SO, my question is seeing as the buyers have all kinds of scams on how to keep the money & the item... does anyone know how I go about scamming my money back or my item back... One or the other would be fine with me.. DON"T YOU THINK?

Any answers to this major problem would be helpful... and I do so appreciate being able to vent here

Thanks for reading


March 25, 2009 5:45 AM

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