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Friday, March 27, 2009

Not a fan of Dubli! They are irresponsible and unorganized.

Anonymous said...
Not a fan of Dubli! They are irresponsible and unorganized. They make it difficult for their sales reps. to get paid and they don't even have a clear link in the back office on how to get paid. You can find information on getting paid only after digging throughout their back site.

I asked Dubli if there is a charge when they pay us. Their customer service rep. said no. She explained that they wire the funds internationally but that there is no charge from Dubli, only my bank might charge. I have the exact message sent from customer service. Then when it was time to get paid, they sent me a note saying I would be charged an international wire fee. I explained that their rep. said that I wouldn't and sent them the proof. They said that the rep. was mistaken and that if I wanted to get paid I needed to pay for the international wire.

Why wouldn't Dubli have a system in place that allows their sales reps to get paid without paying a large international wire fee and then our bank receiving wire fee? It's ridiculous!

I would encourage everyone to stay away from this company. Don't give them business, they don't deserve it. I don't think they will last, especially with their lousy customer service and the difficult and expensive way their sales team has to deal with to get paid.

March 26, 2009 11:08 PM

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