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Friday, March 6, 2009

Law enforcement

Anonymous said...
Why do the judge thinks a law officer can't be wrong when you can't proved that he wrong and gets credit for it.The believe the officer. why because they are the law and society opinion dont't count just because they are law en forcemen.Is it right for an officer to provoke someone to committ a crime and cause such a seemed in public. knowing that when its all said and done you get charge for it an they get a high-five walks away with a smile because he is the law. Do law enforcment have rule and regulation they have to follow instead with nothing to do but herass people,and provoking and exculate the problem.I didn't know if aofficer was call out from a neigbor constanly call for any reason I gest officer decide that he tired been call, and go to the resident were call on he knock on the asking what is the problem in a resctful way he smell alcohol on your breath inside your resident and tell to outside malipulate you writing you a ticket for public intoxicated after been call out of you just get you for somthing didn' question or not what the prblem yout neigbor.

March 5, 2009 11:43 PM


  1. If you know not to talk in court right with others breaking the rule you get pointed out, and was threaten by an officer saying you talk again I will get you for disorder conduct fine. when they know other were caring and talking that discrimnation when it should been loud and clear in the court room for everyone.

  2. when it was preveist cops are been call, and the cops tells you if we happen to see you anywhere when someone figting an they tell you i see you that they can automatic take you to jail simply because officer dosn't like you they fill like that they can see you out in public to inbarresing you because are a transexaul life. That is Discrimnation


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