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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I purchased a modular home from John Day home center the salesman was Ron Strong.

Debbie Hill said...
I purchased a modular home from John Day home center the salesman was Ron Strong. Ron also did the setup. This has been nightmare everything is wrong and John Day hung up on me and Ron Strong's office keeps saying they will check it out and call me back Of course they never do. I called Ron and told him I was going to file a complaint and he told me to go ahead and then he hung up on me. Everything is still under warrenty but no one will honor it so the warrenty is useless and I don't know where to go for help.

March 9, 2009 9:51 PM

1 comment:


    Former Rowan University and Drexel University professor Sandra Cappuccio is one of the worse so-called professors ever!

    In spite of her endless flaws, Cappuccio claimed right before she was fired from Rowan University's Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations department last spring of 2008 that the U.S Army had hired her to work on a new advertising campaign in Maryland. God bless the military, given the fact that Cappuccio supposedly suffers from some form of mental instability according to her former boss, the chairperson of the Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations department at Rowan University.

    Former professor Cappuccio used lecture time to talk about her dirty laundry at the expense of her students' education goals. What type of dirty laundry did she discard during the semester? Too many to list, but here is a somewhat short list of her dirty laundry.

    Well, she told us about her military boyfriend, the dirty bastard, the dog, who cheated on her with six or seven different women. She even disclosed that one or two of the women whom her boyfriend cheated with, called her at home to confirm that they were seeing her (Cappuccio's) boyfriend on the side.

    Furthermore, one of Cappuccio's first comments asserted that if certain students did not love cats, then they would receive Cs as opposed to Bs or As in her class(es). To which she added: "'You might think I am kidding, but I'm dead serious! And by the way, if you own a cat, just bring in a picture and you are guaranteed an A for the entire semester.'"

    I thought to myself: What a genius for having come up with such a stupid, ridiculous grading system!

    The reason that Cappuccio wanted to know how many students love cats is because her boyfriend had just bought her a black cat. She was so proud of her kitty that she posted its picture on the outside of her office door. One day, she came to class extremely happy and claimed that she finally felt like a mom since she now has a kitty.

    A mom, yeah,right!

    After having spoken to countless other students, one public relation student said that Cappuccio even left the Rowan University campus after giving that particular class a group assignment to complete. She told the class that she would be right back, but she never came back. So the students ended up leaving when they figured out that she had duped them.

    To make matters even worse, professor Cappuccio never EVER returned any of the graded work to any of her students. So if and when grade disputes arise after she was fired, the sudents would have ABSOLUTELY no graded proofs to counteract her undeserved, deflated grades.

    She also confessed that she was in the process of earning her Ph.D (in Advertising, I suppose), and so it would come as no surprise that some of our class work would end up in her doctoral thesis.

    She even went as far as to create feuds among a few her class members; especially the students whom she did not like.

    Professor Cappuccio has yelled at students both males and females. On day, she yelled at a young man to get up and get a chair for one of his female classmates. This is what she said: "'So and so, get up and get so and so a seat. That's what you MEN are for! Don't get me started on men today, because my doggy, dog, boyfriend is in the dump, as far as I an concerned. OK!'"

    On top of all of those mishaps, professor Cappuccio has lied over and over again to most, if not all, of her students. She lied about actually grading their work. She lied about when she would return their graded assignments. She would say to them on many occassions, "'Come to my office during office hours.'" But when several students at a time would show up to retrieve their work professor Cappuccio would be nowhere in sight. Most of the time, as students stood outside of her office just as she had instructed them to do, she was not even on the campus (of Rowan University).

    What a log!

    To disclose all of former professor Sandra Cappuccio's antics, I would need more time.

    Nonetheless, my word of advice is this:
    Don't be a victim!
    Don't be a slave to the system!
    Fight back!


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