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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Houston Job Fair at a Crowne Plaza Hotel hosted by National Career Fairs advertised in the Houston Chronicle.

Brooks Brown said...
In today's economy and job market it is appalling the number of reputable businesses doing business disreputably and getting away with it because we don’t speak up or out about it! On March 23, I attended a Houston Job Fair at a Crowne Plaza Hotel hosted by National Career Fairs advertised in the Houston Chronicle. Not only was the name of the hotel incorrectly advertised in the Chronicle as taking place at the Holiday Inn Select Houston Greenway Plaza, the career fair (and I use the words career and fair extremely loosely) consisted of only 14 businesses which quite frankly were mostly seeking students to register for community colleges and on-line education courses and entry-level sales representatives geared toward graduating college seniors. Not a huge issue unless you are an experienced professional seeking gainful employment after being laid off due to “corporate re-organization” (another result of foul and greedy business and management practices bringing down the economy).
Parking in the tiny and unsafe Crowne Plaza parking lot took 30 minutes to initially park, another 40 minutes to exit and then to add much insult to injury, although we were given pre-printed stickers (which those of us with prior business experience were smart enough to request because they were not provided willingly) to validate parking, as we slowly made our way to the parking lot attendant, we were forced to pay $2 to finally exit.
My complaint involves the Crowne Plaza (which by the way had the audacity to participate in the "un"-fair) recruiting of service workers for their hotel at the expense of professional and experienced job seekers. Why couldn’t this event be advertised honestly to reach graduating seniors, service workers, and sales representatives? Why did they invite the general public to waste their time? Ah yes, to make a quick buck! This is partially why the American economy is in the current recession we are in; we have too long contributed in our own downfall by doing business in an unscrupulous and money grubbing manner to make a buck, always compromising our integrity and the American ideal that providing quality service and products is what works.
In earnest, had the fair been even remotely worth the hour and a half I wasted, I wouldn't even bother to mention paying $2 for the 70 minute hellish parking experience. Once you actually made it to the haphazardly and often unmanned potential employer tables at this fair, you were simply advised to leave your resume and apply on line because most of the representatives were not even affiliated with any Human Resources entity to truly assist or interview you (which is how this event was advertised).
Times are difficult enough without job seekers being taken advantage of on such a ruthless and greedy level. This particular antiquated Crowne Plaza can't fill their hotel rooms (once again due to the economy and possibly poor business practices)so they resort to marketing their ill-equipped hotel as a place to host career fairs to a large Houston public, over charging employers to rent the space, and gouging job seekers to pay for parking. I could have saved gasoline and used my time more wisely by simply completing on-line job applications at my home and kept $2 in my pocket; what a complete rip off! Shame on you Crowne Plaza at Greenway Plaza for doing business as usual, shame on the Houston Chronicle for not being more proactive in their advertising practices to ask what kind of job fair is being promoted and insist on writing it with this information included to add revenue to their own business for more word usage and space, and triple shame on the participating employers for not sending professional human resources representatives to interview as advertised and not doing their homework to check out the location and NAME of the actual hotel hosting the event.

March 24, 2009 7:48 AM

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