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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Food Distributors to the Needy in DC and Maryland

Audrey Smith said...
Food Distributors to the Needy in DC and Maryland

This is the year for change. So, please stop hoarding the food, and other health and household goods, that you receive off of the truck delivering the supplies for those that are in need. There are too many places in the DC metro area that I have visited to receive food and household items, have seen what comes in the place of business, only to see the owner, or other worker, putting most of the items in another room. Obtaining only a few potatoes, onions, and stale bread or breakfast buns, is not going to feed a family each day. Most of these sites visited, you have to have a referral to obtain a bag of food, from some food distributor site to another. If you don't have proper I.D., or don't speak English very well, you are in trouble. Then, and if you get it, the contents will be something like a can of pork and beans, a can or corn, a can of juice, peanut butter jar, a bag of pinto beans, a can of soup (probably tomatoe), a can of kidney beans, and a bag of trail mix, or some other health candy bar. This is not going to feed a family for a week, or whenever you can obtain a referral again. Then there are sites where you sit down and eat. A lot of them issue a ticket to those in line. Once the tickets are gone, you don't get to eat. This is a real shame. Someone in Government needs to monitor these sites. At one site I went to yesterday, I saw a room where they stored a lot of the items that they received. Most of the workers said that they were taking the items home with them. They do this all the time. It would certainly cut down on the number of people visiting these agencies per week, if the organizations would issue to all, the materials received that day off the truck, and not reload most of the supplies into a closet. Most of that stuff is forgotten, thrown away, or taking home eventually by the employees. Come on America, do the right thing, give out to those in need, for the Lord asks that you don't keep what you can't use for the time. Thank you.

March 5, 2009 6:04 AM

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