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Monday, March 9, 2009

Dr. Ourmazdi

Anonymous said...
Beware of this doctor. My experience with him was very bad. When I called to interview his office on his qualifications, the receptionist, Barbara, reassured me that Dr. Ourmazdi was a pediatric neurologist. I was very adamant of my search for a pediatric neurologist. She kept telling me that he was. As weeks went by after seeing the doctor several times and subjecting my daughter to various tests, he recommended us to a pediatric neurologist at UCLA. I asked him why and the answer was that he was not actually a pediatric neurologist. It always felt like it was all about the money and his billing process. It was never about getting my daughter the proper care. We went to see the doctor at UCLA and that doctor confirmed that Ourmazdi was not one and that the tests that our daughter was subjected to were unnecessary. He put our daughter through a weekend of sleep lab which had nothing to do with her seizure disorder. After seeing this doctor at UCLA, he referred us back to a local doctor in Ventura who is a board certified pediatric Neurologist. The new doctor said the same exact thing as the other doctor in UCLA told us. That the tests that our daughter were subjected to were totally unnecessary and that he has been known to do this just to bill the insurance company. After paying all the other tests and office visits and after he billed our insurance company for all other charges, we refused to pay the sleep lab that he subjected our daughter to. The 2 other doctors vouched for us that these were unnecessary procedures. He has subjected us to harassment and ruined our credit by having collectors call us every day and reported the unnecessary bill to the credit bureau. This is his way of forcing you to pay for something that is not due him.
I just want to let people be aware so that they do not experience the same trouble that I went through. He is very unprofessional and lies about his credentials.
After all the bad experience that I went through with Dr. Ourmazdi,

March 7, 2009 7:43 AM

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