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Friday, March 20, 2009

Don Lapre & World's Greatest Vitamins was a MAJOR rip off

Chatham NC said...
Don Lapre & World's Greatest Vitamins was a MAJOR rip off. I signed up for 4000.00 in May of 2007 and after a few weeks of them adding a couple of names to my "business," I was told that the business was changing and I would get information via email. I didn't get anything and kept trying to contact someone with no avail.

Finally, in December of 2007, when I did get in touch with someone, I was told to contact Internet Millions because those of us who were with World's Greatest Vitamins were being turned over to JEFF PAUL's INTERNET MILLIONS and we didn't have to be computer experts.

I was tld I could not get a refund from World's Greatest Vitamins (Don Lapre) because too much time had past (well of course because no one was responding by phone, mail or email).

I was strung along with JEFF PAUL's crap because, depending on who talked you on the phone and whether they wanted to help you get started or not--you were at their mercy.....

I am very computer literate and no one helped me get online as was promised. I followed the info I was given only to find out the website was not up--it was a bunch of crap and HYPE.

So, we, as consumers in the good ole USA are are at the mercy of stupid jerks who are dishonest and feel good about themselves when they lie and steal people's money.


March 19, 2009 6:26 PM

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