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Friday, March 27, 2009

BUYER BEWARE. Hillview farms saddles are NOT what they appear to be.

Anonymous said...
i initiated a purchase over the phone with the company on 12-18-2008. The seller indicated this was a new saddle, but what arrived was not a new saddle, but used. Nevertheless, I tried it, but it did not fit. I initiated a return on 1-10-2009 with the seller who tried to upsell me to another saddle. I told her I would think about it, but I wanted to return this one first. She offered $300 off the upsell, and I told her again, let me think about it, I have to speak with my husband. She asked me to keep the girth, DVD, care kit, which I indicated to her I didn't know what the care kit was.

I did not authorize an additional transaction. I forgot to pack the girth, remembered to pack DVD and saddle and sent the return via postal service mail, insured on 1-12-2009. She claims it did not arrive until 1-27-2009. She then claims the saddle was not within the return period. Her website states 30 day TEST RIDE GUARANTEE. Everywhere on the website indicates 30 days to test ride. Over the phone she TOLD me I was well within the 30 days to return the saddle, no questions asked - of course there were a ton of questions and heavy up-selling.

Well, I left on a business trip and when I returned I discovered that my credit card had not been refunded, and I had yet another charge on my cc from this Cathy person as well as another saddle. I emailed her immediately and left a message for her at her office. I received no response. I left another message and another email, this time I was told I was not within the 30 days to return the saddle.

I told her I did not authorize the charge, nor did I want the saddle. I emailed her very angry that she tried to refuse to refund my money. She kept the shipping charges, and some charges for the care kit and dvd. She refused to refund the shipping charges for the second saddle. I had to file a dispute with my bank to get her to finally refund part of the funds, but she is keeping the shipping charges and the charges for a kit I never received and a dvd which I mailed back. I have tried everything, she claims I did not return the saddle in time, but the site says 30 days to RIDE. I only effectively received 1 day.

Now to top it all off, I am out $125.50 from the unauthorized charges she placed on my credit card, and an additional $120 in shipping charges to ship that bloody saddle back!

I want a refund in full, but she has refused. I never saw any invoices, nor did I sign anything, or authorize any additional charges over the phone.

Buyer Beware, this person is a total shyster, a snake oil salesman.

The product she sold me was worn, used leather all scratched up. she didn't even bother to put a new saddle sox on the other saddle she tried to sell me. Her saddles are poorly made with second rate, thin leather, poor quality rigging, and holes cut right into the saddle for the stirrups leathers... completely un-reinforced. She uses a western style saddle seat for her english style saddles, which pitches your legs completely forward and out from under your core where they need to be. Any real tugging on the stirrup will cause that leather to rip. Totally unprofessional and way too wide of a twist.

BUYER BEWARE. Hillview farms saddles are NOT what they appear to be.

March 26, 2009 10:58 PM

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