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Sunday, March 22, 2009

AT&T cell phone service overcharge

Anonymous said...
If you are considering changing telephone companies, or wanting to change I strongly urge you not to choose AT&T. If you are currently with them, be sure and check your bill every month, and if you charge it to your credit card, be sure to match the amount on your card to the amount they show on your bill. Especially if you have gone paperless and think they can be trusted. We have discovered that we have been overcharged at least $500.00. Plus we are suddenly being charged for daytime calls when not going to other AT&T phones. They informed us we only have 1400 minutes for all three phones. Our original contract was 1400 per phone. I am guessing that because we decided to have them take off the internet and all text messaging, a flag went up and they decided we were not paying enough, so they made a few unauthorized changes. The good thing is, we have past bills to prove we had 1400 minutes per phone, plus we have a print out from their website showing the amount they say was billed to our credit card, and we have our credit card bills that show differently.
Buyers beware! AT&T will eat your lunch, and everything else beside. They cannot be trusted. Watch your bills and watch your account for any little amounts that look suspicious, like Roadside Assistance, GPS.
Trust me, do not trust them!!!

March 21, 2009 3:34 PM

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