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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The abuser is Katherine M. Bennett, better known as Katherine M. Baker of 18 Huron St. in Whitefield, NH

Anonymous said...
Whitefield NH
I and several others have reported and there are others who are afraid to say anything.
What I am talking about is abuse to more than one person. The abuser is Katherine M. Bennett, better known as Katherine M. Baker of 18 Huron St. in Whitefield. I know first hand because of what her and Cort have been doing for many years. To other people in the past. Whom is she abusing Richard lance Baker and the son whom he believes is his. It does not stop there. She has kept letters photos from him for the last few years about his children an boy and a girl whom he did not know, the young boy died when he was two needing his father kinney and she would not let him know, the boy died right before he turned three. The mother of his children tried to contact him Katherine or Kathy intersepted the letters and photos how do I know this I am Cort's sister and I have found the photos I kept telling by brother onot to get involve with her that all she is , is a gold digger she will take your love , money, house anything that is dear to you. When she knows someone is getting close to him she will fly in a rage and threaten him "Mr. Baker" to where he will turn against anyone who cares or loves him including his family. I know from past her next move will be his mother if she has not already done so, or the one favorite is having inoccent people hurt like having them followed and raped but not all at once it is carried over time. She will seem to be the victim while she plays the role of the criminal that she is. She will abuse Mr. Baker and the son not just emotionally but physically there has been reports of bruses and red marks all over the boy, she will say he is just a growing boy. Mr. Baker will not report what is going on instead she will have him turn against the ones who love him. Just this last year she has caused a woman from another state to have to have surgery which almost cost her life and has ended up in the hospital several more times with in this last year. Mr. Baker's daughter Annie was here this last summer to see her father but she never did get to thanks to kathy. I could keep going on with what she will do right now the main issue is getting the young boy out of the house and Mr. Baker to if he wants to have a life with his son or go down with her for what she is doing. I have tried to talk to others about what she is doing and also my brother but no one will listen. So people please I can't do this alone and I know I will be next on her list. Think about it if she is willing to let a young boy die and to have this woman in NM stalked raped and it will happen she will have her killed and what she did to his daughter Annie who is now six not letting him have gifts from her or will not let him set or write to his daughter. Fighting with him all the time to turn him against everyone to make him seem to be the strong person, from what I have seen of him he is not a strong person at all he keeps running away from something he has all of his life. See what a easy target he is. Just ask how they got together you will find there was several behind it and was in the works for a while. I as you again please?! Do you want a person like that living in your town doing the things that she does, she is the the person you all think she is or is she and you wont do anything. For the grace of God please get her off the streets and in jail where she belongs where she can't hurt anyone else and my brother will pay the price to Mr. Baker makes the 4th man kathy and Cort have done this to just ask has Cort Sent her flowers? The answer is yes and yes to everything else she has done. I hope this time someone will do something I have tried for twelve years.
Thank you and God Bless You

March 3, 2009 1:57 PM

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