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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Perri House Inn Bed and Breakfast Orlando, FL

Anonymous said...
Do not stay and the Perri House Inn Bed and Breakfast... the website looks much better than the actual place. It was suppose to be a bird sanctuary.. I didn't see 1 bird. The pool didn't have a heater, the jacuzzi was a joke about the size of a bathtub. Here is the kicker... where is the breakfast? 10 boxes of cereal and plastic bowls.. not what i had in mind at a B&B. There was a waffle maker... but you have to make your own waffles... what is that?? Plus when you go to check in the front door is locked so you walk around aimlessly looking for another entrance.. we ended up calling after we stood outside knocked and rang the doorbell for about 15 mins that is so unprofessional. You can hear what everyone is doing in the other rooms... hacking and coughing wow how romantic is that. There is NO sleeping in and relaxing because you can hear all conversations in the kitchen. Waste of money... stay at a hotel, better breakfast, more privacy and probably more birds.

1 comment:

  1. I live at 24 culvert st Port jervis and the garbage men Refuse to pick up our garbage! im gonna conplan then do it Highter. i'll show dem animals


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