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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Holiday Inn Comfort Inn San Diego

Anonymous said...
On the weekend of Jan.16th 2009, I decided to stay at a local hotel. I chose this particular site because I had stayed there in the past when it had been a comfort inn. It was know a Holiday Inn. Much to my disappointment this time around.

Upon checking in, I was informed that I would be required to make a $200.00 deposit. Then I was asked for my credit card. I do not have a credit card, and asked if cash would be okay. I was told yes. At this point I have given $123.69 for a room, and $200.00 for a deposit. I then said that I would require a smoking room. I was told that the entire hotel was non smoking, with that I said that I would have to smoke outside then.

When I got to my room my main objective was to take a shower. I thought the room was okay, a bit musty but what hotel isn't? I turned on the room air conditioning and then the television that appeared to be brand new. The television responded with only sound, no picture. I called down to the lobby thinking that I wondered if my $200.00 deposit included use of the television or not.

I was told that they could send someone up to look at the problem. I declined, my objective was to get in the shower. I shut the t.v. off. I tried the t.v. again, this time success. It worked.

I proceeded to take a shower. I was in the shower for maybe 5 minutes. My cell phone rang, I grabbed for a towel that was on the shelf above the toilet. I grabbed (1)one of (3) three towels.

Heres the problem. I smoke cigarettes. I smoke clove cigarettes, part of the reason being that I hate the way that tobacco smells on my hands and clothing.

Now when I grabbed that first towel to dry my face, I nearly vomited because this towel smelt so bad of cigarette smoke. The appearance of this towel was different then the other two. The texture was almost crusty. The color was as white as the other towels.

Anyway this towel smelt so bad that I had to put my head back under the showerhead to get the smell off of me. I then being very careful to smell a one of the other towels from a distance before redrying my face off to answer my phone.

I was told by a friend that I should have immediatly called down to the lobby inquiring why this towel smelled of smoke when it was supposed to be a non smoking facilty. The fact is, I was in the shower, water running, answering my cell phone, and I'm naked.

Incidently I did not smoke in this room. AT ALL!!!

Upon checkout, (which I had done that evening because when I left to go to dinner, upon returning to my room I realized that someone had been in my room, and gone through my things.) I asked for my $200.00 deposit back. I was told that I would have to wait until someone inspected the room.

After about 15 minutes I was asked to go up to the room with two employees. One of the employees was commenting on how the room had ashes all over it, which was a lie, the other kept remarking dont you smell that smoke. Again there had been no smoking in that room.

I proceeded to argue with these people for around 20 minutes. It was getting creepy. I was told to come back the next day and that if the room didn't smell like smoke that they would consider giving me my money back.

I called everyday for over a week. The first 3 days I spoke to the person that I had dealt with that night. Then I was forwarded to the General Manager S. Loft. This went on for another 3 days before I even spoke to this person.

It was the same argument. I informed him of the towel that was in the bathroom. I told him that it would take weeks of smoking to make the odor that came from it. He said that I had to smoke in there for that towel to smell the way it did. I was in that room for 10 MINUTES!!!!

I later looked at the fine print on my deposit reciept. The cash deposit price is listed as the room fee, and the room fee price is listed as the deposit. On the reciept for the room fee in fine print it states that the hotel will take up to $200.00 if there is smoking in the room. Once again there was no smoking in the room.

Now I believe that this is a set up to fail situation. You dont smoke in the room, but there is a towel in the room that smells like its been sitting in room with nothing but smoking, minus the obvious nicotine color that would occur if this had been the case.

I never got my deposit returned. I was given nothing less than the run around. I hope that this isn't occuring to others, but my gut tells me that it is.

San Diego is a nice place to live, I would recommend that people DO NOT stay at this hotel. Take your kids out for ice cream. Or to SeaWorld, its close by.

This is nothing but a ripoff.

February 10, 2009 12:31 PM

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