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Monday, February 9, 2009

First Guaranty Bank and Trust of Jacksonville, Florida

Anonymous said...
If anyone believes that the deep rooted, politically powerful, corrupted and financially elite, undeserving rich, and blatantly arrogant, above all laws of the land, laws of common decency and laws of the bible, greedy owners of the First Guaranty Bank and Trust of Jacksonville Florida, owners Jay Fant II and III are not concealing a bank scam they know occurred at there bank right under there nose must be blind, deaf and dumb! How much does that condition cost these days? Who else has this bank cheated out of there deposits or identity? Everyone knows they turned a blind eye and their backs on the victims, a trusting family that lost their entire deposits in multiple accounts at this bank after employee Bonnie Dennis tricked that customer into replacing the bank signature cards on file by telling them the cards they had on file were temporary and had expired. When the customer resisted she said she froze the accounts voiding all the outstanding checks Mrs Dennis representing the bank's deposits department stated the resulting fees would be their responsibility and the accounts would remain frozen until the "new" cards were signed. Why isn't the FBI, the FDIC, the SEC, the department of regulations or financial services bringing this women her meals between the bars yet? These crimes have been reported and the proof provided to authorities that no longer care about family's like these loses unless those family's happen to be elite, low life, back stabbing bank family's that's why. They jump for them now, it's just the way they roll now. Guess we all better get used to it. The "new" cards Mrs Dennis needed so bad? The "so called new cards she demanded were back dated and altered and used in a crime in which there was an arrest on Feb 27th, 2008. The crime? Grand theft of the same family's deed they had proposed to pledged as collateral on a loan application that had been approved but the family was told that there appraisal did not appraise high enough and so they were made to believe they did not get approved. But they had and Mrs. The crime is listed in public record and includes a reference to Bonnie Dennis and title lawyer Sandra Johnson, the booking report in duval county court house Feb 27th,2008 even states Mrs Bonnie Dennis ordered the closing documents altered in writing in such a way to remove the name of the borrower and insert another name. That other name was Shafer Development group which was created on the internet the day after Mrs Dennis and Mrs Johnson changed the names, therefore she clearly used one borrower's secret approval and then planned to have the new name created after she put the plan into action. The day before, she demands the signature of one person to legitimize bank cards and the next day she takes that customer out of it's closing documents and uses those documents and approval to give 1.1 million on behalf of the man arrested for deed theft in this act. the booking report, the government spares Mrs Johnson who constructed and witness and more importantly reported the scam as a sale from borrower one to borrower two to avoid red flags of a "gift" or "theft" which ever come first would have brought on. The banker Mrs Dennis is shown to just followed the direction of the man arrested,yet he did not lure the borrower into the bank threatening to freeze the accounts,she did, he did not write a letter to the title lawyer to shockingly just "switch names" boldly in a million dollar loan. I guess if you make a crime and rub it in the face of the regulators and the bank's supervisors and the criminal justice system these people really start believing it just can't be that blatant and it must somehow be ok or something. Ok, then where's the money? It went to the bank, the banker and the banks investors, the taxes, the government and o ther crook that was arrested, that did not work at the bank, he just walked in, and walked out with the deed plus a million dollar loan. What happen to the man they just had to have a new bank card from? He was locked out of those bank accounts and he never saw that money again, he lost his business which included 75 jobs he was supplying to the community-remember - got the "approval" for the million dollar loan, but was told he did not and did not think to ask for a confirmation that the "loan application" was destroyed and not allowed to be used for a bank scam. I wish this was the only hypocritical point...the customer also reported that the same women a so called executive of the bank called Mark Priester a branch manager the next working day after the secret scam had occurred but before anyone knew about it and told him to get the original borrowers signature by presenting him with a staged fake SBA 500,000.00 loan with check ready to go in the branch the next time this customer-still depositing money into this bank because he doesn't know he has been scammed yet--and he does but the customer doesn't take the bait this time (remember the signature card) and asks for time to review the this loan offer, he asks about his other loan, he gets a no on both points. When they refused to allow him to review 500k loan offer the customer decided it was time to close his accounts and protect the deposits even the once he just made. They refused. He went outside and called the Jacksonville police hoping that they would force the bank to release the deposits and investigate what this banker was up to. What else could he do to bring attention to this warped loan application scam? The bank and the employee and the crook planned and executed and spent the stolen money, used the stolen deed and just let the loan go into foreclosure. So what? Then the bank filed a lawsuit against the the victim because his ownership clouded the title-of the stolen deed! To this day-noone is stopping them! How many government employees does it take to stop a criminal train of tears! The Victims have filed chapter 13 in an Shameful display of citizen and customer betrayal on behalf of protecting the elite, nothing less, nothing more. Congressman Cliff Sterns stated in a letter to the victims that, "The judicial system today is such that corporations are allowed to drive productive citizens like yourselves into bankruptcy before a resolution is provided. America, we and our ideals as Americans are at risk when the elite such as The owners of this bank, the Fants and corrupted employees are protected again and again for full profit at all costs on the backs of the customers who are being betrayed while trusting these so called financial "experts" with the most vulnerable information you can provide other then your health records, betrayed again and again by the elite that have there long and sharp teeth and claws so deep into their lavish lifestyle that they are not going to give that up even if they are victims themselves they can just pass it off as legitimate and let pass the loss to the loan applicant? Who never got a loan? It appears that law enforcement is directed by elected officials who replace other officials and other officials who quivers at the thought of rooting those ever deeper claws out and repeatedly out talk the police and finds a safe haven anywhere it can rent with favors or lack of backlash from there network of elite and elites. The police cannot help as long as they have bosses just then succinctly positions itself to just grow numb by aligning itself with the elite for fund raisers and then distancing themselves from investigating the same "fund raising" big wigs while the outrage cry's of the people grow weaker day by day. This is not ranting. I love my country. This is action. Action is the only thing substantive to cause punitive change to the unholy greedy that worship the money God!
In case you missed it, the banker who is a CFO in Jacksonville, Florida this day is Bonnie Dennis. Want to help? Call First Guaranty Bank and ask how many of these "questionable loans" she closed on her way up the executive latter before she jumped ship? How many of those FDIC insured bank loans are in foreclosure? Did she really do a credit check or just check the box? How does she check the credit of company's that don't exist? I am taking my country back from these viral entities spreading there sickness across our country while they wipe there butt with money they stole.

February 8, 2009 11:31 PM

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