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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Do not hire Natalia V. Polyakova as your attorney!

Salomeya said...
Do not hire Natalia V. Polyakova as your attorney!

I had a terrible experience with this law firm which I would like to share with other people. If you are looking for an immigration attorney, please, consider my current official complaint which I have filed against her with the Florida Bar, meanwhile, I can imagine how many people might make my mistake by hiring Mrs. Polyakova as their attorney.
I hired Natalia to represent my immigration issues in May, 2007. As we signed the contract her services and other related fees were fully paid and Ms.Polyakova did not hesitate to cash her check the next day. I have done homework on my part by giving her all the necessary paperwork and patiently awaited for any results that could have occured unless Natalia wasn't too busy Porsche racing (the certificate with photos of which was proudly displayed above her desk).In May of 2008 after numerous phone calls, emails and letters, bluntly ignored by Natalia my patience finally wore thin. I contacted immigration services myself and found out that nothing I paid Ms.Polyakova for was done. They did not receive any papework and never even heard about me. I stopped wasting my time with Natalia, my documents had already expired and I had to take matter in my own hands. As a matter of fact when confronted with my questions Natalia Polyakova was very rude and unapologetic. I had to contact the Florida Bar to help fight the injustice done against me.
As of right now Natalia Polyakova still remains my lawyer. I guess it is pretty common in Ms.Polyakova's practice to cash her checks immideately but not contact her clients for several years.

February 25, 2009 3:33 PM

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