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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dell Laptop and Extended Warranty

Anonymous said...
In Feb. 2008 I bought a Dell lap top to use in our 5th wheel over the summer. Have a desktop(not a Dell)that I use at home so I didn't start using the lap top regularly until July. This is when I found out there were problems with it. I called Dell as I have many times since and the only thing I have ever gotten from Dell is the run-arund. Their automated system and foreign speaking employees only add to the aggrevation. The only time I belive what they say is when they tell me there will be a fee for their services. I'm referring to a fee they want to charge me for fixing my computer that is under warranty. Dell has been trying to
sell me an extended warranty ever since I bought the computer. I think Dell uses bad parts and then gives you the run around until your warranty expires, hoping to sell you an extended warranty or maybe they're dumb enough to think you'll buy another Dell computer. I will never buy another Dell. Many of the companies that are going under right now are doing so because they didn't take care of the customer and like it or not you need us more than we need you. Dell, I look for you to go under and you will if you continue to operate as you have been. I will be selling all my Dell stock tomorrow.

February 3, 2009 11:00 PM

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