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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

BEWARE of 'magicjack' phone service.

Anonymous said...
BEWARE of 'magicjack' phone service. They advertised "100% Risk Free 30 Day Free Trial", "on the 31st day you will be charged $39.95 plus $6.95 s&h", then they charged my account the very next day, even before I received the product.

February 3, 2009 12:41 AM


  1. I am sure you used a DEBIT CARD and not a CREDIT CARD. The offer is for credit card users. No company can give debit cards something for nothing and expect to get money from them in 30 days. ALSO, if magicJack were a scam, VISA and MASTERCARD would have dropped them a long time ago. For $47 and free phone service, you cant beat it!

  2. Did you use a Debit card to purchase the MagicJack? I bet you did. When you use a Debit Card (vs. a 'credit card' = Visa, Amex etc) your Bank puts a hold on the purchase amount immediately after you make the transaction. This has been a big misunderstanding with many people who have used debit cards when getting the 30day trial offer made by MagicJack. The company does not get the $$ from your bank or financial institution until after the 30day trial is over (day 31) -- the company does make this clear on their website and during the purchase transaction but you probably overlooked it. The folks behind the MagicJack should probably just eliminate the ability to use a Debit card to purchase the product, because they're getting this reputation for taking peoples money before the free trial is over when in fact its just the standard operating procedure with all Debit card transactions. It's too bad, because the product is great yet people, like yourself, feel like theyve been taken for a ride. If you did, in fact, use your Debit card and the scenario I've explained is what took place with you -- it would be fair of you to retract this claim.

    A Happy MagicJack customer...who also used a Debit card to purchase and discovered the error of my ways.


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