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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rolanda Hines

Eunice said...
This comment is about an individual named Rolanda Hines. Rolanda Hines is an individual who claims to be an actress, a voice-over artist, and a legal secretary. She scammed me out of an armoire that she claimed she wanted to sell. After I informed her that I wanted to make the final payment on the armoire, she claimed that she underpriced the armoire and that she had a change of mind, and wanted to keep it. Ms. Hines knew that this armoire was to be a gift for a child and took advantage of the fact that she had my money without providing the armoire. I met her while at a temporary assignment; my impression of her is that she goes to various work sites and that she could have possibly used this vehicle to scam others as well. It has been eight months since we started our transaction; and it is five months since she reneged on our deal. She also portrays herself - believe it or not - as an entertainer for children. I believe she is a scam artist and will pry on an individual's trust.

January 23, 2009 2:32 PM


  1. This is a response to a comment made about me from Eunice Christian. First, thanks to the individual who brought it to my attention. The comment from Eunice Christian detailed a situation in which I agreed to sell her an armoire (less than a year ago--around May.) There are accurate details in her comment and there are, also, irrelevant and inaccurate points as well.

    The transaction has been prolonged because of both of us, Ms. Christian and me. The transaction is not even a year old yet. I met and trained Ms. Christian on a temporary assignment. I made the mistake of sharing personal business with her about my being a voice-over artist and actress. Obviously, this means a great deal to her. However...What does this have to do with our transaction? Maybe, she desires to be a voice-over artist--something like that. I don't know.

    Anyway, the fact remains that I owe her for an armoire that she did not get. I have made a payment back towards what I owe her. And...she will get the rest of her money. She knows this.

    Why did she have to be so deep-seated and wicked and post a comment about me when all she had to do was take it up with me? She claims to know and respect God. Was this act one of Godliness? No, not one bit. Not at all. She must think God does not see her actions. He knows her innermost thoughts. Her comments were wrong. Just wrong!

    She promised to make payments over a period of time--several on which she reneged and prolonged. I was patient and in fact, I was making the arrangement to have the armoire delivered.

    I have kept in touch with Ms. Christian and made sure that she had access to communicate with me. She is way out of order. Probably due to what she shared with me about her personal mental state. I know that she is enduring lots of stress. I am respectful enough and friendly enough not to speak on it.

    I owe Ms. Christian $150.00 and she will receive it as soon as I can get it to her.

    Once again, I apologize for how the whole deal went asunder. All the finest blessings and wishes for mental wellness to Ms. Christian.

    Rolanda Hines

  2. This will be the final message I will post on this matter; it is not worth the time and energy. This was done to alert others that may fall subject to Ms. Rolanda Hines’ negligible business practices. Ms. Rolanda Hines is untrustworthy, to say the best. It truly saddens me to have had to take such measures. As a result of her winning my confidence by showing me her website; that she worked as an entertainer, in part, for children, just to defraud a child that I love dearly, grieved me.

    This measure did not come easy. I am appalled that Ms. Hines in even the remote measure would insinuate that she trained me, when in essence it was the other way around. Ms. Hines could not handle the assignment at hand; that is why we met. However, before leaving, she showed me her business online, as a form of providing her credibility; which was, in part, working around children. As a result, I trusted her. She took my kindness for weakness and not only kept the armoire, which is the focal point of this matter, but bragged that I could do nothing about it. This was a gift for a CHILD! She literally laughed on few occasions throughout the months at the idea that I would bring her to court. If this item was solely for me, I could overlook it, but this was a gift for a child.

    To back track, upon informing Ms. Hines that I was in the process of sending the final payment, she informed me that the item was an antique; that she was selling it for far less than it was worth - and had changed her mind. Then she claimed she no longer had my money to refund. Weeks later, Ms. Hines then appeared to have a change of heart, and rekindled the business transaction, claiming that she was very sorry, etc. Upon my wanting to AGAIN send the final payment, she relocated the item from one borough to the next before I could pick it up for delivery; and it was damaged in the process.

    Again, to post this issue was a difficult move; however, the shoddy manner in which Ms. Hines handled this situation, then just to laugh at me via telephone calls and email messages that I did not have grounds to make a claim against her, makes me believe that she has done this before - that she is a scam artist. Her way of always blaming me for why the deal went sour was so amazing. I knew the way she was able to turn out a story tale made me realized that I had entered into a business deal with someone whose word could not be counted on. To have learned today – NEARLY SIX MONTHS LATER - that she is now willing to refund my money due to the fact that she learned of a posting about her character speaks volumes. Ms. Hines knows that if it had not been for a "friend" learning about this issue, she would have continued to keep my money she had in her possession, (which was since June - September of 2008). Ms. Hines has no intention of providing the refund. This I believe is true due to her blatant fabrication of the facts and issues in her response; as well as by the way she claim to apologize for her actions via email to me today, which led me to her retaliatory comments. I felt exposing Rolanda Hines was an obligation; she should not be able to do this to another individual with impunity.

    Ms. Hines won my confidence by revealing part of her expertise in dealing with children. Then, to turn around and show such depraved indifference to a child – my loved one – was hard for me to contain. She knew how eager I wanted to present this as a gift. Ms. Hines sent pictures, emails, made telephone calls – all up to the time of the final payment. Then she changed her telephone number; I could not reach her. She said she was going through a difficult situation, etc. To sum this up, I knew that I would be placing a bit on the line with this measure; however, I could not help but wonder if she had used this same technique on others. Even when Ms. Hines admitted in an email that she may eventually sell this same armoire in the future, but for a higher price, she never presented me with the option of making up the difference for the price she thought it was worth. Ms. Hines kept the merchandise and the money, while claiming that I was at fault. Oh, the attention she gave me, reassuring me that my child would be so pleased with this furniture, just to turn around at the last mile of the way and show such blatant contempt was despicable!

    I was at peace knowing that Ms. Rolanda Hines had no intentions to make good on her debt; apart of me still wants to file a claim against her. My position is that there is far more important matters to be considered; that I could deal with the loss. However, upon her sending me an email to my attention on the date she posted her response; an email sent obviously with the purpose of directing me to see her deliberately fabricated and concocted story, left me little recourse but to respond to her series of lies and innuendos.

    It is truly amazing how Ms. Rolanda Hines can claim fowl when she has possession of the money and the merchandise. My position is that she should have not spent what did not belong to her. For her to have had possession of my money for nearly six months, and then, for the first time this year, provide an apology aligned with negativity; which also contained an inoperable link to entice one to search out her true intentions, thereby leading to a series of allegations and fabricated comments speaks volumes about her character.

    February 23, 2009 10:16 PM


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