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Friday, January 9, 2009

Q-Based Solutions - products for dogs to cure mites

Anonymous said...
I would like to warn you about a company called Q-Based Solutions. They sell products for dogs to cure mites and they have blasted all over their website 30-day 100% money back guarantee. But this is not true. They also have blasted on their website BBB icon.

I was out of town on Nov. 14-17 - when I returned home on Monday, Nov. 17, I noticed the box from Qbased porch and I immediately began the Q-based treatment on Nov. 17th. I followed the regimen exactly as instructed and I still noticed my dog stracthing. I remember they said that it would get worse before it got better so I continued to use it. Suddenly, my dog started getting bald on places in which he wasn't bald before. On Dec. 2nd I called to tell them that my dog is worse. The representative I spoke with told me that I needed to follow another regimen before I can be granted the refund. She advised I use the product twice a day and wash him in the affect area every day. I did that for another seven days and he actually has gotten worse - he is now completely bright red underneath his bottom (under his legs where there is no hair). On Dec. 11, I called to tell them that this stuff simply isn't working. I told them my vet told me that he probably has an allergic reaction from the constant use so now I have to take him to the vet this weekend. The representative that answered the phone named Nan told me that she would have to forward my issue to the lady I spoke with on Dec. 2nd in order to be issued a refund. She also told me that since I didn't initially call within the first seven days that I may not be entitled to a refund. She stated that it states to call them within seven days after receipt of product but it didn't say that by not calling would waive your right to a refund if the product doesn't work. This is really ridiculous. When I was transfer to the lady that I spoke with on Dec. 2nd, I received a voicemail. I want a refund and I'm perfectly willing to return the unused products. I now have to go to the vet on Dec. 13 to find out a cure for my dog. Before he began the product, he was getting bald under his neck and behind his ears and his was barely noticeably bald on his head. Now he is almost completely bald on his head and still bald on his neck and he still scratches. Please help me. Either they will honor their 30-day money back or they need to take that statement off their website. It says 30-Day, 100% Money-Back, No Risk Guarantee. Honestly, if the product had worked, I would have purchased more product and would be glad for my dog but to see him suffer and I still have to pay for treatment for this matter at the vet - its not good. It may work for other dogs but its not working for my dog. I'm sure they have had other dogs it hasn't worked for. Because it didn't work on my dog, its no discredit to Q-based.

I contacted the BBB and they did absolutely nothing.

Anonymous person from Washington, DC

January 9, 2009 6:09 AM

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