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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Leffler Energy Products in central PA,

Anonymous said...
consumer complaint
I am not a person who goes around complaining about companies or products, but as the result of the treatment I've gotten from Leffler Energy Products in central PA, it is time to start. They made me lock in at a high price per gallon for heating oil this winter and would not let me cancel even before I had one drop of oil delivered. As everyone knows. oil prices were artificially high for a brief period and have gone way down since. Yet I am stuck freezing this winter and could only cancel the contract by paying a ridiculous $599.00 cancel fee. Leffler refused to let me out of the contract otherwise. When I complained to the ceo, he wrote a sob story letter about how they would lose money on me if they didn't charge me the high rate. He said he would be happy to discuss it further and offer me an alternative to keep me as a customer. I called and left a voicemail and never heard from Mr Woosnam (JERK) again. I had been a customer since 2001 and also spent thousands for a new furnace and central air system from this company and this is the service I get!. OH, about that furnace, there was a hidded charge of $1300 to add a new flue that the installed told me the company was supposed to tell me about BEFORE I signed the contract to buy the furnace. When I complained about that, they also in=gnore me then. I will never do business with Leffler again and encourage others in Central PA t choose another heating oil supplier.

January 10, 2009 4:27 PM


  1. Never had any problems with this company. Great work. Great customer service.

  2. CONSUMER BEWARE--- this company will not honor your paid in full service agreement if you cancel oil delivery service with them. Do youself a favor... use a local oil company with a family name that cares about their reputation and the customers they service. This is a company that is out to steal your money... they stand behind legality instead of ethics.

  3. Leffler are a bunch of jerkoffs. After being threatened last year to be sued because we couldn't keep up the 250 dollar a month price lock, we finally paid them off and asked to never be delivered to again. Three days later I wake up at 8 30 Sat morn to find a 400 dollar leffler bill. They are assholes. I never want to work with them again.


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